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6.2 20:25  Send me Bitcoin: 16ANYR1EsaqW7sQE4BR3YfthYQH5zswgQe (QR code)
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5.3.11 21:00  Welcome to the ZEDFEED™ stream - I'm stalking myself so you don't have to
 03:06 Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
The most interesting people are at Perkins this time of day...or any time of day
Everybody's here - Perkins Restaurant & Bakery (Saint Paul, MN)
Fri 23:32 
It is LP Music @stpaulpeterson @ Cause Spirits & Soundbar
Fri 22:29 
It is c.Kostra @ Cause Spirits & Soundbar
Fri 22:12 Currently 11 people in this room - 15 if you count employees and artists - which may be why the opener hasn't started performing yet
Fri 21:54 This is what they play while I wait for the band to start: I used Shazam to discover Rapper's Deutsch by GLS-United.
Fri 21:02 
LP Music - Cause Spirits & Soundbar (Minneapolis, MN)
Fri 20:41 
Spire Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
Fri 20:09 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
Fri 19:30 
$3.499/g - BP (Roseville, MN)
Fri 18:52 
Listened to Sigur Rós - Svefn-g-englar
Fri 18:31 
Listened to Lenny Kravitz - Let Love Rule 2009 (Justice Remix)
Fri 17:45 
Listened to Justice - Audio, Video, Disco
Fri 16:56 
Listened to Justice - †
Fri 16:12 
Listened to Nero - Welcome Reality (Deluxe Edition Tracks)
Fri 15:00 
Markets closed: Good Friday
Fri 14:52 
Fri 13:23 
Fri 11:45 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
Fri 01:24 @Omaholic I like them both! Tonight's game would have been fun to watch if I wasn't watching CNBC at the time.
Fri 00:20 
Well, two outta three ain't a bad night. #rangers #sharks #wild
Fri 00:17 
Whew hoo! #sharks 6-3, 0:54.7 3rd
Fri 00:12 
Given the implosion of the Wild, I probably shouldn't have given up on the Kings as early as I had....still, only 3 minutes to kill #sharks
Fri 00:07 
Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOO #sharks 5-3 (6:01 3rd)
Thu 23:23 
With the Sharks up 5-0, I find myself doing stuff like wondering "you suppose that great megamix I used to listened to in Andy's car and still have dubbed on a cassette somewhere (where, not knowing better, I labeled the artist 'Andy's Sister's Boyfriend's Friend') is on YouTube?" and taking a whopping twenty seconds and one search on "jam the box megamix" to discover, that, holy shit, yes it is. I promise you this wasn't "old school" in the eighties! (And now I have a brand new digital copy - thanks, Internet!) (Link to YouTube "video:" New York Scratch Masters - "Scratch Master's Jam #5: The Beat Box")
Thu 22:25 
OH YEAH TIMES TWO - #sharks 3-0 !
Thu 21:52 
WOO HOO JOE #sharks
Thu 21:50 
Oh NOW you tell me it's on @NHLNetwork! #sharks
Thu 21:48 
Ah, late overtime...part of a contiuning conspiracy to keep the #sharks off of national television
Thu 20:02 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
Thu 15:31 35% Less Sodium Beef
Thu 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.71 ▲0.03 (Range: 20.53 - 20.75)
Thu 13:58 
Listened to Nero - Welcome Reality
Thu 13:55 
Made a pot of decaf...why? I guess I wanted another hot cup
Thu 11:40 
Reboot = coffee
Thu 11:22 
Thu 10:05 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
Thu 04:45 2013-4 Conference Quarterfinals - Schedule & Predictions
Wed 23:53 @hansen9j @jmshapyro I can't let this go. When you said "goldfish," did you mean "hamster?"
Wed 23:03 
Listened to 808 State - Flow Coma
Wed 22:57 
Listened to The KLF - January: What Time Is Love?
Wed 22:46 We deserve this. - Hardee's (Saint Paul, MN)
Wed 22:40 
Listened to Beats International - The Whole World's Down on Me
Wed 22:35 
Listened to Giorgio Moroder - Mercy
Wed 22:33 
Listened to The Ranch - Walkin' The Country
Wed 22:30 
Listened to Depeche Mode - (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me
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