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5.3.11 21:00   Welcome to the ZEDFEED™ stream - I'm stalking myself so you don't have to
 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
 SYMC closing quote: 23.47 ▲0.04 (Range: 23.20 - 23.51)
 13:00  Your thoughts @AaronRodgers12? RT @leaningcowboy: I look more like Aaron Rodgers than this ornament does.
 Need more coffee
 Symantec (Springfield, OR)
 09:41  Hotel Coffee
Tue 23:15  Just another wild night here in Springfield, Oregon, wrestling fans. Oh, fans, I wish you could be here right now
Tue 23:15  OK, well, it's better than regular Coors Light. I guess. I suspect squirting some citrus juice into a Silver Bullet would've been cheaper
Tue 23:14  True or false: somebody in Golden, Colorado really hates Latinos and me
Tue 23:13  Is this....this is a TEN OUNCE can?! You've gotta be KIDDING me
Tue 23:09  Guys I may have bought a 12 pack of COORS LIGHT® SUMMER BREW solely based on the fact it is unavailable in MN and I have a Safeway Club card
Tue 21:43  Safeway (Springfield, OR)
Tue 20:38  RT @RobbieHummel: What an honor to sign my second NBA contract with @briancardinal looking over me in the poster above…
Tue 19:01  BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse (Eugene, OR)
Tue 15:50 
 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
Tue 15:00 
 SYMC closing quote: 23.43 ▲0.07 (Range: 23.28 - 23.48)
Tue 14:39  Evergreen Indian (Eugene, OR)
Tue 12:21 
 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
Tue 10:00 
 Symantec (Springfield, OR)
Tue 03:26 
 "Nuh uh!" RT @albertxii: @CRZ someone at Guilty as Charged 1999 claims you are their bytch -- how do you respond?
Mon 22:07 
 Brock got swagger #RAW
Mon 21:30 
 Apologies for my mistake in the previous tweet... crowd actually chanting "This is awesome" #RAW
Mon 21:30 
 Frenzied, hyper-patriotic crowd chanting "India! India!" #RAW
Mon 21:28 
 Referee Derrick X #RAW
Mon 21:25 
 RT @Mattox: @CRZ "Damn" -Ron X
Mon 21:23 
 Kofi X, Big X, Titus O'X, Malik El-Henry #RAW
Mon 21:19 
 Oh shit, it's Xavier X! #RAW
Mon 21:19 
 That match gave me claustrophobia #RAW
Mon 21:17 
 Aie, this is one of those "never use the hard cam/closeups only" directed matches #RAW
Mon 21:10  Hilton Garden Inn (Springfield, OR)
Mon 21:10 
 RT @Crapgame13: @CRZ Brock's flight delayed? :)
Mon 21:08 
 Sorry guys, Triple H is gonna hold of his decision until tomorrow's episode of "Main Event" #RAW
Mon 21:07 
 Stephanie should have said she was just standing her ground #RAW #Fla
Mon 21:04 
 Stephanie: "This is September 11th all over again! " #RAW
Mon 21:00 
Mon 20:59 
 Crowd going mild - aw, he doesn't use the mic that looks like a Florida open carry gun any more? #RAW
Mon 20:57 
 But seriously...Pitbull wasn't available? #RAW
Mon 20:52 
Mon 20:51 
 Also, that ref wouldn't have seen his foot on the rope anyway but oh well #RAW
Mon 20:50 
 Is this Ryder's first #RAW win since he was with Hugh Jackman?
Mon 20:29 
 RT @PrioritySports: We're happy to announce that @RobbieHummel has re-signed with the @MNTimberwolves! Congrats Robbie! #twolves
Mon 20:07 
 Poor Miz... coming out in those shades after we just saw Flo Rida's shades #RAW
Mon 19:54 
 I am postiviely giddy with the prospect of this show being over by 8:15 after Brock shows up #RAW #eastcoastfeed #westcoasthotel
Mon 19:41 
 It's AVICII!!!!! #RAW
Mon 15:00 
 SYMC closing quote: 23.36 ▲0.16 (Range: 23.09 - 23.45)
Mon 14:37  Jack in the Box (Springfield, OR)
Mon 11:45 
 Need more coffee
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