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5.3.11 21:00  Welcome to the ZEDFEED™ stream - I'm stalking myself so you don't have to
6.2.14 20:25  Send me Bitcoin: 16ANYR1EsaqW7sQE4BR3YfthYQH5zswgQe (QR code)
6.2.14 20:25  Send me Dogecoin: DPDxE6o5cjbhnHXvXT4gKAJwgNEazUG2We (QR code)
See, it's a commentary on our militarized police state, and...
You heard it here first: Sunday's match will be a NIGHTSTICK-ON-A-POLE match #RAW
Dean should be all, "OH SHIT IT'S 11:04 I GOTTA STEP ON IT" #RAW
Big ups to that "Nassau Coliseum arena worker" for correctly shooting his "cell phone footage" horizontally, by the way #RAW
Well, at least they didn't mute Dean's shoutout to JC on the YouTube clip #RAW
(Brian Stann on #RAW/Meltzer boner joke here)
It's OK 'cause Ryder and some of the cast of Entourage are gonna go have a big sex orgy with those Divas later #RAW
I have to admit I'd totally forgotten who Ryder won the US Championship from years ago (it was Ziggles) #RAW
Totino's > Arrow + Entourage combined #RAW
@D_V_D_V_R Maybe Эмма? Australia is practically Bulgaria to WWE, after all
Wait...Lana doesn't belong to stock photos of Vladimir Putin? #RAW
Strange Memorial Day #RAW content, nyet?
Lana gets a top of the hour segment! Smell the ratings! #RAW
Now, if you REALLY want to blow my mind, give Rusev his (obviously non-Bulgarian) first name back #RAW
@DublDownDrew I'm confused. Are you watching with the sound off? The switch back to Bulgaria is shocking continuity!
Guys, it's not easy to relocate from Russia to Bulgaria when you have to appear on American television every few days #RAW
Not sure "beat girls off with a stick" is something - ah, you know what, never mind. #RAW
Ugh #RAW
SYMC closing quote: 24.86 ▼0.20 (Range: 24.86 - 25.10)
 01:10 It is @Nightosaur @ Hexagon Bar
 00:17 It is @OrderOfTheJackl ( @ Hexagon Bar
Sun 23:02 It is @wickedMN ( @ Hexagon Bar
Sun 22:18 
 with marky - Hexagon Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
Sun 22:17 Joined in progress, it is @deephavenband ( @ Hexagon Bar
Sun 21:14 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
Sun 14:07 
 Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
Sun 13:25 Not bad, not GREAT, but I enjoy a good sugar soda pop (and a lot of water)
Sun 12:39 RT @PackWolves: The NYPD broke an NBA player's leg (and playoff hopes), and sports media is unable to discuss it
Sun 11:48 What an exciting start to this Indianapolis 500!
Sun 04:38 
♫ Ooh I wish it would rain ♫
Sat 23:02 Hmm, I think Facebook Messenger was forced on me with this phone, too. So be it! MESSAGE ME ANYTIME (but who knows if I'll answer)!
Sat 22:59 
Somehow, I didn't follow tradition and devote my first photo from the phone to a picture of its box, so here now is a picture of BOTH boxes, as well as my now retired S4. This photo will seed a new archive on Google+ where all my photos get "backed up" and probably make Google and/or the NSA oodles of money (photo)
Sat 22:26 Because G+ has a 2000 photo limit, created new album "Photos from my S4 (overflow)"
Sat 22:25 Added an assload of photos to my renamed album "Photos from my S4"
Sat 20:42 Photo - This, Chuckles, is the momentous and significant final photo I took with my S4 in its role as my mobile phone. (It will live on as a Wi-fi device in the, in a bathroom or something)
Sat 19:12  Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
Sat 18:29 
T-Mobile (Saint Paul, MN)
Sat 18:15  Closed 15 minutes ago (oops) - Ax-Man Surplus (Saint Paul, MN)
Sat 17:02  Menards (Saint Paul, MN)
Sat 16:53 Just posted a photo
Sat 16:40 Just got a hand-addressed junk mail from It's Just Lunch - that was quick (Tangent: if my lunch doesn't cost 28¢ or 39¢ and say "Maruchan" on it, I'm probably just skipping it)
Sat 15:23 
Is Eurovision trending yet? (I'm watching NASCAR, sorry)
Sat 02:06 Facebook wants to know me better at 2am... (video/screen grab)
Fri 21:28 D'you suppose @ActuallyNPH will figure out that Heineken Money Back Guarantee before the Playoffs are over? (I'm guessing no)
Fri 21:28 (Me and Twitter don't the difference between Neil Patrick Harris and Neil Gaiman - let me cue up that tweet again)
Fri 21:22 D'you suppose @neilhimself will figure out that Heineken Money Back Guarantee before the Playoffs are over? (I'm guessing no)
Fri 17:34 @Omaholic I would follow him immediately! Spill the handle!
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