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5.3.11 21:00  Welcome to the ZEDFEED™ stream - I'm stalking myself so you don't have to
6.2.14 20:25  Send me Bitcoin: 16ANYR1EsaqW7sQE4BR3YfthYQH5zswgQe (QR code)
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This hour was GREAT RT @kfaiFMradio: Uploaded "The Witching Hour Vol 1 - DJ MS.Q - Gothess - All Hallows' Stream 10/25/20" to @mixcloud listen now!
Sun 23:13 Mike Zimmer would have gone for it on 4th and 2 with :59 to go and the lead. (But then, the Vikings wouldn't get the first, so)
Sun 20:25 When was the last time Orton wore pants?! #HIAC
Sun 20:21 Aw man is this main gonna go 40 minutes
Sun 20:10 Commentators saying they don't know much about Slapjack clearly aren't checking his social media #HIAC
Sun 19:09 Otis should have cashed in 30 minutes ago just to be safe
Sun 15:45 @tapemachines K. Michael Harvick, Esq.
Sat 23:35 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
Sat 17:32 
 LIVE NOW!! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
Sat 15:38 Velvet Moon
Sat 14:50 
WEEKLY PLUG: Back to "normal" at Weekend on Demand - later today I got all kinds of new tunes including tracks from Hot Chip, Greta Van Fleet, Eivør, Felix da Housecat, Demi Lovato, Hawksley Workman, Sloan, Mark Pritchard and Johnny Manure & the Super Spreaders - and yes I'm playing a buncha requests as well.

Radio: 90•3 / Stream: kfai•org / Time: 5 to 7 CDT (tune in early for Caribbean Jam!)
Fri 19:45 
COMING UP #SmackDown
Fri 19:39 
Last night of the drive! Thanks to everyone who has supported so far, and it's not too late to sneak in five bucks of your own!
Fri 17:17   Just a quickie, I hope! - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
Fri 16:49 
    Boy I hope whatever this is is intact! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
Fri 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.84 ▲0.19 (Range: 20.60 - 20.85)
Fri 08:02 
Listened to Patrick Cowley - Some Funkettes on Spotify
Thu 17:41 
   Target acquired ($1 off coupon - $4.99) - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Minneapolis, MN)
Thu 17:22 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
Thu 17:19 
(Prospect Park)
Thu 15:35 
Listened to Alyze Di Singer - Everytime I Turn Around
Thu 15:29 
Listened to SG Lewis - Impact - Soulwax Remix
Thu 15:26 
Listened to Felix da Housecat - Nanana
Thu 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.65 ▼0.16 (Range: 20.45 - 20.77)
Thu 13:01 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
Thu 12:35 
RT @aadesigncreate: want to support community media and have a chance to get some original art, zines & cards from me? i’m raising funds for @kfaiFMradio’s member drive, which ends tomorrow. venmo me $5 or more to enter — i’ll donate the money tomorrow evening! RT @aadesigncreate: doing a raffle for this collage -- proceeds to benefit @kfaiFMradio -- details here:
Thu 12:22 Organic Sumatra
Thu 11:34 @AndiHarriman @aadesigncreate
Thu 10:11 
Thu 09:49 #tbt #recycled See you in 2026!
Wed 19:47 
Alternate theory: every time she starts a tweet with "As the only senator to have worked for Planned Parenthood"
Wed 19:46 
Theory: Senator Smith's poll numbers go down every time she sends out a tweet asking for five bucks RT @TinaSmithMN: BREAKING: A new poll has our opponent within ONE POINT of us. With 13 days to go, we've got to work as hard as we can to connect with as many voters as possible. But we need the resources to do it. Can you chip in $5 right now?
Wed 16:58 
Everybody please move your @Quibi money to @kfaiFMradio
Wed 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.81 ▲0.12 (Range: 20.51 - 20.94)
Wed 14:59 Costa Rica Blend
Wed 13:00 We finally converted to https
Wed 12:57 Hello
Wed 11:35 
Listened to Austra - Risk It
Wed 11:26 
Listened to Austra - Risk It - HAAi Remix
Wed 09:24 
Changed my cover photo
Wed 09:03 
Listened to Hue and Cry - Labour Of Love - Edit
Tue 22:50 
Official measurement at The KZiM Tower: 7" - that DEFINITELY makes it a record. A 45, in fact.
Tue 20:58 At least in the @Folgers commercial, dude isn't - wait, I'm like the ten thousandth person to make this observation, right?
Tue 16:32 
I guess Bryan and the other non F4W fellow talked about Retribution. I'm severely disappointed that I was set up to hear the word "geeks" and it didn't happen but maybe you gotta be a paying subscriber for that
Tue 16:25 
Hey so did the Figure Four Radio shouting guys shout about the commentators not being able to read names on graphics last night? Usually I'd have seen an Observer retweet on that by now but I may have missed it
Tue 15:39 
When they zig, you zag
(Prince - Sometimes It Snows in April)
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