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5.3.11 21:00  Welcome to the ZEDFEED™ stream - I'm stalking myself so you don't have to
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Thu 19:24 @grumpymartian OH HEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Thu 18:16 @MichaelMyth You haven't missed much but it DOES still work! Who knows, when Twitter goes under we may see a renaissance*

*we won't see a renaissance
Thu 17:47 
Discord, baby, Discord! RT @kfaiplaylist: @CRZ @The_W @HOT_at_The_W @The_7 @Internet_Time @What30dayrule @everycolorbot2 @crz_ebooks @Twitter What's worse, it'll probably kill off THIS account since @Spinitron probably uses that API.

Nice knowing ya...
Thu 15:00 GEN closing quote: 23.57 ▲0.21 (Range: 23.25 - 23.74)
Thu 13:40 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
Thu 13:31 JUST CONFIRMED: I'm heading BACK to Dark Horse Bar&Eatery for another shift jockeying discs on their 1s and 2s! Catch me TUESDAY (2/7) from 6 until some time after 9! Sit! Drink! Eat! Listen! Vinyl! PikachuDJ! Tuesday!
Thu 12:22 Guys!!!! I've made it!!!!

Ol' whats-his-name's alt/burner account just tried to pwn me own 100% public Facebook profile photo?? WHOA BURRRRRRRRRRN

(Friend me on Facebook at for more "FRIENDS ONLY" photos of me in OTHER hilarious outfits!)

@AlpenStranger: @CRZ @StCroixCasinos @FOZZYROCK And this guy definitely knows bad looks.
Thu 11:39 RT @HennepinSheriff: We offer free opioid education and naloxone training classes. Our next class is Tuesday, February 7th at 5:00pm and it is offered virtually.

Register for the class and see all upcoming class dates by clicking on this link -
Thu 11:33 
Southern Toasted Pecan
Thu 10:34 I reckon this'll effectively kill off:

.....and maybe, just maybe....


@TwitterDev: Starting February 9, we will no longer support free access to the Twitter API, both v2 and v1.1. A paid basic tier will be available instead
Thu 10:28 @leaningcowboy Oh I bet you say that every year
Thu 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: 1.6º - 21.9º
Wed 19:56 
 They let me sneak in early! - James Ballentine Uptown VFW Post #246 (Minneapolis, MN)
Wed 19:08 
   It's [Impossible] Whopper Wednesday!! - Burger King (Minneapolis, MN)
Wed 18:59 
  Wow I put it in the mail ON the first!! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
Wed 17:51 @MarkiePost @the_rafiki1 Good topic drift, lads
Wed 17:26 
Your occasional reminder that Narcan training is available monthly online virtually AND in person at the Hennepin County Communications Center in Plymouth. If you can attend in person, you will walk out with two doses of naloxone and knowledge of how to administer them. The next session is next Tuesday (Feb. 7) from 5PM to 6 and you can sign up by visiting the sheriff's office form:

(Shared from Fill | HCSO - Opioid Education & Narcan Training Class)
Sheriff Dawanna Witt and the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office offers online and in-person classes about the dangers of opioids, signs of addiction, treatment options, the proper administration of Naloxone, and more. This class is free and is open to all. These classes are available in person at our....
Wed 16:57 (Boy, I wish I'd spelled "deafening" correctly in that screen grab)
Wed 16:57 Oh, I see - y'all blocked me on Messenger. Bad look, @StCroixCasinos. Gonna block me on Twitter, too? Definitely not buying that @FOZZYROCK ticket now!
Wed 16:46 It IS interesting that neither the venue nor the ... artist ... have seen fit to tweet about that upcoming show here on the tweetie. Keepin' it under the radar! I guess when the tickets are free, it don't matter how many you "sell" so why draw unwanted attention from us "SJWs"
Wed 16:43 Hi @StCroixCasinos! You may have missed my tweet - and my Messenger message - or you thought I'd go away after a week after you deleted my comment and blocked me from further comment on your Facebook page. Still looking for answers from ya, though - cheers! RT @CRZ: Hello @StCroixCasinos! I understand you've booked a known sexual abuser to perform at Turtle Lake in March. Could you please explain?
Wed 16:14 
Listened to SZA - Kill Bill
Wed 16:09 
Listened to Skrillex - Real Spring
Wed 16:03 
Listened to Jake Shears - Too Much Music
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Wed 14:00 
New Tinder profile photo just dropped and I have never looked sexier
Wed 13:50 RT @whataweekhuh:
Wed 13:24 Fired up FBPurity for grins and it popped up a notice with about a dozen folks no longer on my Friend list. Most just deactivated their Facebook completely - I'll miss 'em. A couple deactivated their Facebook and frankly, they probably needed to do it years ago and I'm relieved. A couple I can kinda see removing me because I probably remind them of other folks they no longer want reminders of, which is a bummer for me personally but I get it. For a couple, I have no idea and as much as I'd like to follow up with them to determine exactly which food item and/or piece of self-promotion and/or hot political take pushed them over the edge to remove me from their Facebook lives, I will probably just have to live with never knowing. And I may have tried to refriend a couple because sometimes I'm still stubborn like that.
Wed 12:25 
Gold Coast Hawaiian Blend
Wed 02:29 topics of interest: January 2023
Wed 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: -8.1º - 10.8º
Tue 22:09 Can of Dr Pepper Dark Berry Zero Sugar
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Tue 10:53 Steep 18 cold brew
Tue 07:41 
Whoa! In 20 minutes I'm hosting New Like Whatever on @kfaiFMradio! Hey you know who hasn't tweeted in a long time? @mjcyrs, yup.
Tue 07:38 
My goodness it's early and cold, I must have some really special reason for being up and talking to you right now - HEY GUESS WHAT I'm guest presenter on "New Like Whatever" coming up at 8am Central RIGHT HERE ON KFAI! Won't you please tune in? I got some fun ones this week.

90•3 / kfai•org
Tue 07:31 
 It's so EARLY and COLD but I'm guest hosting New Like Whatever LIVEat 8am!! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
Tue 03:04 WON Out of Context
Tue 00:00 Yesterday's lo/hi: -6.7º - 4.1º
Mon 23:21 
Listened to DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ - Brave
Mon 16:18 
Listened to The Orb - living in recycled times - Edit
Mon 16:08 
Listened to The Orb - living in recycled times
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Mon 13:18 @hack0tv Boy, not reassuring that it's something that hasn't been fixed in a month or months...I may have to keep my eight dollars!
Mon 12:59 Uhhhh what
Mon 12:04 
Bummmmmmer. Volunteering for Northern Spark every June was something I really loved doing for a lotta years and I so cherish the resulting collection of ugly, ugly T-shirts.

(Shared from Northern
Dear friends, we have some important news. After 15 years and 851 projects, we have made the difficult decision to sunset Northern We are not in a fiscal or leadership crisis, but the current economy prevents us from fulfilling our mission and vision with integrity. We are so grateful to everyone that has been part of our work over the years.

Read more of our plans to honor the world we made together, here:

Image: Piotr Szyhalski, Permanent Labor, Northern Spark 2013. Photo by Jayme Halbritter. A person talks enthusiastically through a bullhorn. To their right another person sits in a chair holding a shovel parallel to the ground at their waist. It is nighttime, and a crowd of onlookers watches from behind.
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