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5.3.11 21:00  Welcome to the ZEDFEED™ stream - I'm stalking myself so you don't have to
6.2.14 20:25  Send me Bitcoin: 16ANYR1EsaqW7sQE4BR3YfthYQH5zswgQe (QR code)
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 1968 and penultimate - Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
Thu 23:54 OH MY GOD IT'S @GIORGIOMORODER @ First Avenue & 7th St Entry
Thu 20:40 
 Woo hoo! I don't feel a day over 78 - First Avenue & 7th St Entry (Minneapolis, MN)
Thu 20:39 
 Bought my Sweet J.A.P. ticket!! - The Depot Tavern (Minneapolis, MN)
Thu 20:11 
 Spire Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
Thu 18:47 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
Thu 17:45 
@giorgiomoroder See you tonight!
Thu 15:48 
Thu 15:08 Costa Rica blend
Thu 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.70 ▲0.03 (Range: 20.56 - 20.78)
Thu 00:02 @duenorde Hey, don't make me come over there
Wed 23:44 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
Wed 21:48 No way he lasts 30 days RT @ryderfakin: C'mon Let's Go!
Wed 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.67 ▲0.02 (Range: 20.48 - 20.76)
Tue 23:17 
Funny, John kinda completely forgot to mention the minstrel/blackface part! But here's the 1928 version of the opening cover track of "Arkansas." (YouTube: Emmett Miller - Any Time)
Tue 21:34 
Oops, missed this one #vw #80k
Tue 19:27 
From Nashville, it is John Oates and The Good Road Band (@johnoatesofficial /
Tue 19:12 
 OATES - Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)
Tue 18:26 
I miss the globe - thanks, Facebook!
Tue 15:28 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
Tue 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.65 ▲0.85 (Range: 19.91 - 20.74)
Tue 14:45 Shout out to the job board that took a look at my resumé and application history and STILL suggested I apply to be the frontman for a cruise ship rock band

(I didn't do it)

Tue 13:20 Cold press
Tue 03:57 
Sheesh, rain usually HELPS me sleep! But gunshot cracks of thunder are almost always super unwelcome. SO. I'm gonna listen to "The Sicilian Defense" for the first time and see if that helps (because you only learn about lost Alan Parsons Project albums at 3.30 in the morning, but you can find them online by 3.31...)
Tue 03:51 
Listened to The Alan Parsons Project - The Sicilian Defence
Tue 03:24 
OK NOW I'm awake 🌩️
Tue 01:39 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
Mon 20:25 
Don't interrupt folk when they're W........... #RAW
Mon 20:16 
So....will Renee gonna get to do commentary in Riyadh? 'Cause I heard it's different for women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia #RAW
Mon 18:38 
 Vikes "not lose!" - Papa John's Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
Mon 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 19.80 ▼0.23 (Range: 19.73 - 20.13)
Mon 14:23 Everybody's got quarks
Mon 00:36 
Listened to New Order - Subculture
Sun 22:18 
 Hey DJ - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
Sun 22:16 
Listened to Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathy's Song (single version)
Sun 22:12 
Listened to Ricardo Villalobos - Essential Mix 2018-09-15
Sun 21:08 Extra Toasty
Sun 17:09 
 Man do I need some conditioned air and cooled water - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
Sun 14:53 Mason and I kick the party off at 3!!
Sun 12:48 Cold press!
Sun 12:18 the-w Survival Football: 2018.02
Sat 21:02 
Finally cracked this one open as game fuel (even if only 38mg caffeine) - VERDICT: Delicious! Would definitely buy again (and consume a little sooner than 2+ years) ...if they still even make the stuff these days...
Sat 19:56 
I put a batch of cold press in the fridge for tomorrow morning and feel like a super genius ☕☕☕
Sat 10:21 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
Sat 05:54 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
Fri 21:54 2 liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper to share
Fri 20:55 
Listened to Seal - Get It Together (Superchumbo's Guiding Light Mix)
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