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5.3.11 21:00  Welcome to the ZEDFEED™ stream - I'm stalking myself so you don't have to
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83281 is the ZIP code of Swanlake, ID and also describes this distribution. We learned something with our candy tonight!
Mon 22:29 This is probably too much information, but I-- (hears half of you immediately stop reading and scroll on) Hey, God bless ya. This is probably too much information, but I clawed my own hip in apparent overeagerness to take off my pants so I could switch to sweats. That sentence isn't embarrassing enough already, so let's go ahead and be totally honest - when I say "hip," I really mean "butt" or "ass." So now I have this painful slash mark where I ALMOST drew blood right on the side of my ass and it stings and the worst part is I did it to myself. (Not that there was danger of anybody else doing it?) Anyway, I finally trimmed my beautiful, formerly long fingernails so you can once again shake my hand without fear.
Mon 21:36 
Whoa! Did Zeb get future-endeavoured in the last hour? #RAW
Mon 21:35 
READY FOR ACTION: Our de facto #1 faces #RAW
Mon 21:34 @tapemachines NEXT WEEK: "From Battle Creek, Michigan..."
Mon 21:33 
You know me, I like to look for silver linings during this show.
I didn't hear ONE commentator chuckle during any of those bits!
Mon 21:31 
Mon 21:23 
Mon 21:19 
Paige speaks for the Internet! NO WAIT #RAW
Mon 21:10 
What the League of Nations REALLY needs is a Japanese wrestler with a Manchurian slave (did Jeb make that reference already, sorry) #RAW
Mon 21:06 
Makes sense - the original League of Nations was a failure #RAW
Mon 20:51 
Boy, a lotta people are gonna be confused when they tune in 50 minutes from now and find out the match happened 40 minutes earlier #RAW
Mon 20:50 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
Mon 20:47 
WWE storylines:
Q: Who're the faces in this Divas™ match?
Mon 20:27 
RT @D_V_D_V_R: Seriously - the only person happy about ADR's return is Swagger
Mon 20:23 
Mon 20:12 
OK, so we've had one clean pin, one COR, one 6DQ and we're all expecting Roman to win by DQ later, right? CREATIVE! #RAW
Mon 20:10 
The Double Feature was sponsored by Kay Jewelers. Remember, every kiss and sidewalk slam begins with KAY
Mon 20:05 
This is not awesome
Mon 20:03 
Oh for
Mon 19:51 
There may have been more of this match taken place during the ad break than the part we got to see - this is an improvement? #RAW
Mon 19:45 
The Ryback just requested "Walking on the Sun?" #RAW
Mon 19:41 
Does WWE get a price break if they mention TMZ a certain number of times? #RAW
Mon 19:40 
I HAVE missed Lana's theme, at least. I guess I have TMZ to thank for that #RAW
Mon 19:39 
Mon 19:37 
@tapemachines No, no, not The Wiz on NBC, The Miz on USA!
Mon 19:37 
Mon 19:36 
You think they're saving the big "brought to you by TMZ" feud for top of the hour? Hoping for another recap of the first two segments #RAW
Mon 19:35 Us Florida Georgia Line fans LUV us some o' dat good ol' MOUNTAIN DEW
Mon 19:25 
RT @crz_ebooks: Watching these highlights from Segment 1 #RAW
Mon 19:11 
Remember, all Mick Foley wanted was for these guys to have a chance to go out there and fail - surely he's back on board after tonight! #RAW
Mon 16:40 Double Bergamot Earl Grey
Mon 15:34 Lemon Ginger
Mon 15:01 Timeless, via @timehop
Mon 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 19.58 ▲0.08 (Range: 19.54 - 19.74)
Mon 14:43 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
Mon 12:56 Turns out I am not immune to reposting the occasional trending photo when I can link you to the original source instead of some TV station's repost whoring for Likes or openly tweeting a request for free reign to "license" it without paying her...shoot, I'm ruining this awesome photo. I'll shut up now. HEY LOOK AT THIS NEAT PHOTO
Mon 12:28 
Mon 11:46 
Listened to NERO - Between II Worlds
Mon 11:31 @Markysparkly I never watched that show!
Mon 11:20 
RT @NeroUK: The video to our next singe Into The Night is up on youtube. We're very proud of this one.
Mon 11:13 
Mon 10:30 
Commute update for Matthew Hansen (and YOU!) 280 was fantastic, although this is probably the only time you'll catch me under the speed limit on it. One car didn't negotiate their exit very well as, instead of turning, they apparently slid halfway down the berm. 35W wasn't a sheet of ice - at least the mile I was on wasn't. I only (anti-)locked the brakes once and that was during early goings on Franklin Ave. Now, having said all that...I'm STILL planning on doing half of today and probably all of tomorrow working from home if possible.
Mon 10:25 
You know...not nearly as bad as I worried. I think the plows made it out ahead of me.
(Still planning on leaving early to work from home)
Mon 10:22 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
Mon 09:57 
OK, time for my 7 mile drive to Roseville. How long will a usually 10-15 minute drive take me today? Stay tuned to this social network!
Mon 09:38 
Gas meter inspector finally arrived, telling me it took him 90 minutes to get here from Blaine. I am NOT looking forward to my drive to Roseville and back. On the plus side, I made a good cup of tea this morning.
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