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Sun 22:19 #WrestleMania
Sun 22:11 @Original182 It was OK. I could have done without about three of the six hours
Sun 22:09 
(Tell your friends they can unmute me now; I'll be at the Wolves game during The Most Important #RAW Of The Year)
Sun 22:08 
Was #WrestleMania good?*
Maybe my expectations are lower than ever, but NOT gonna cancel the Network WWE wins?
*(good enough)
Sun 22:01 
"If you liked #WrestleMania, wait until you get a load of #CampWWE!" - WWE Network promo, sort of
Sun 21:59 
RT @HackmanRSPW: Sooo many announce tables and all still intact?


@WWE #WrestleMania
Sun 21:31 
Maybe THIS will be the time Vince tries a "UFC-length" main event...with 29 minutes and counting, he may have to! #WM31
Sun 21:28 
☑ soupbones
☑ old school
☑ Hell's Gate
☑ kickout of tombstone
☑ kickout of Sister Abigail's kiss
☐ Last Ride
☑ 1, 2, 3
☐ 21-2
☑ 22-1
Sun 21:11 
Sun 21:09 
Was Take's hairstyle a prop bet? #WM31
Sun 21:08 
@Markysparkly But this wrestler just brought a bunch of scarecrows to life, so
Sun 21:08 
@Markysparkly Hard to tell - it's an outdoor show - but since it's in the 49ers stadium, almost everybody's wearing red!
Sun 21:04 
And JBL softly whispered: "He calls them his fireflies" #WM31
Sun 21:03 
Oh, is "The Walking Dead" on? Or just ended? #WM31
Sun 20:59 
"La Roca" is trending! I wish I could take credit for that #WM31
Sun 20:57 
Anybody been timing this segment? #WM31
Sun 20:32 
Sun 20:27 
Sun 20:25 
Crowd fails to chant "Benoit" - mission accomplished #WM31
Sun 20:23 
Soooooo much spot calling #WM31
Sun 20:10 
Man does Vince hate Bill Clinton or what #WM31
Sun 19:34 @guruzim See, I thought you'd have an overwhelming urge to get a tattoo
Sun 19:33 
Commentator bathroom break! (Viewer bathroom break optional!) #WM31
Sun 19:32 
Crap, mistimed that one #WM31
Sun 19:31 
Ron Simmons was never IC champ, was he? #WM31
Sun 19:31 
@TurkJohnson1 He's right there putting over Daniel Bryan!
Sun 19:29 
What!! NONE of those things were what I put over in my WWE Network survey!
Sun 19:25 
Sun 19:24 
Shelton Benjamin should run in and splash him #WM31
Sun 19:23 
Sun 19:21 
Shizzle indeed #WM31
Sun 19:07 
Ha - Great Muta AND Mr. Fuji are trending - they probably won't bring THAT up #WM31
Sun 19:06 
RoboCop will probably trend, too #WM31
Sun 19:05 
Worried that H might short out the video wall apron with his geyser act #WM31
Sun 19:02 
RT @guruzim: This is worse than WCW's Robocop
Sun 19:02 
Just think, the next CM Punk might have been backstage just now yukking it up with Triple H in a stupid costume #WM31
Sun 19:01 
Sting and HHH must team up to battle SKYNET #WM31
Sun 19:00 
Oh, THIS is WrestleMania
Sun 18:59 
@DublDownDrew "Borden Stevens"
Sun 18:51 
But Mattel, ALL those punches are ILLEGAL! #WM31
Sun 18:49 
I guess Rollins is saving the Phoenix splash for the cash-in - oh wait is that a spoiler? I'm not really paying attention #WM31
Sun 18:48 
@TheKFV Oh, I agree - definitely a quid pro quo to get Ahhnold's involvement in this weekend #WM31
Sun 18:35 
Ohhhhh it's the TERMINATOR typeface they're using for "WrestleMania" on their stage. That...still doesn't make sense but is an explanation?
Sun 18:04 
"Is Samuel L. Jackson available?"
"How about Don Cheadle?"
"Well, shit, get us LL Cool J I guess"
Sun 17:57 #WMKO
Sun 17:47 
Sun 17:39 
They should put an ad break in here so everyone who'd been buffering can reset their feed #WMKO
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