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One of the, uh, more formative moments for me was seeing Diana Ross' 1983 concerts in Central Park on TV - especially that first, really rainy night - so getting a chance to see her live, even at 73, even indoors ;-), was a real bucket list item I never thought I'd cross off - or even write down in the first place. She was FABULOUS. Definitely still The Boss...but so sweet! She still sounds so great, performing songs going back to the Supremes and back (incorporating "All I Do Is Win?" GTFO of here....and yet, it worked!)...she's performed in, what, six different decades? AMAZING. It was a lot like how I imagine a Vegas show might be, although in Vegas there'd probably be a bunch of dancers in addition to her (very tight) band up there on the stage. We did get ONE dancer - maybe the youngest girl in the crowd - and she *almost* stole the show. Her own daughter Rhonda wasn't too bad either, even if she only got 15 minutes as the opener. Thanks to KFAI - 90.3 FM Minneapolis - 106.7 FM St. Paul for throwing the Twitter contest and thanks to Moon for being a very enthusiastic +1. What a great night!