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19.10.17 15:28 
#tbt Hey! It's me, mightily failing to suck everything in, stuffed into an MLS San Jose Clash goalie shirt which I probably bought on clearance at Ross (Dress for Less!) just after they stopped being called that. The Earthquakes, I mean - Ross is still called Ross. Also, this may very well be the smallest shirt I own, so I'm not totally sure I've ever worn it before. I mean, it didn't fit 18 years ago, either. BUT. I wanted to find something "vintage" and dress up for the last go round of the The 90s Preservation Society at Byte, starting tonight at 8 (but of course, I won't make it until after Triviasco) so here's where I ended up. So the throwback isn't for old, old me - it's for my old, old jersey that appears to somehow have streaks of hot pink from the lettering bleeding out all over the white stripe it's living on. I still love this shirt. I'm sure it's worth A MILLION DOLLARS on eBay but I'd never sell it.