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THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES: Today marks my fourth day in a row of having to be in at 9 for training. Even worse, I was in at *8* yesterday for a team call. I am not made for early mornings and this week's been a killer, so last night I told myself and I TOLD myself: "Man, just don't go to Transmission at all - go straight home after the Wolves game. BE RESPONSIBLE." But then Michael said he was doing the first hour and I was like "man, it's KINDA on the way home from the Target Center [it's not, really] and it's only an hour - go there, have one stubby Coors and leave early." And I mostly kept to that...the "first hour" was stretching out but I did extract myself right around 11.30, just as Andy was parking his bike outside. I'm doing a brief hi/bye with him and Andy turns to me and says "hey isn't that LaLa walking by?" and I turned around and...well, it kinda DID look like LaLa amongst a small cluster of people but I wasn't gonna run up after them and besides I just couldn't stay one more minute and REALLY, what were the odds that the one week I showed up AND left before closing would also be the ONE week SHE'D show up? Of course, as soon as I got home I opened up Snapchat to see that yep, she'd arrived just in time for Jake's first B-52s video. Of course. Nine months ago when we first met at a fourth of July party, I'm pretty sure I told her we would probably never interact again in real life... but it's not like I really MEANT it. You know what, instead of posting this as a status I'm just gonna drop it in Messenger because I'm not sure if I'm coming off as endearingly shy or more just really, really creepy hoping she'd just stumble upon this later and not come to the immediate conclusion that I'm SUPER WEIRD. (...which I am.) See, if only I knew how Snapchat worked, I could have just sent some kinda innocuous OH MAN reaction immediately and not spent a night wondering if I was gonna write this up for the world 'cause really it's not a bad story per se, just....probably not something a whole LOTTA people are interested in. Well, that probably sums me up, actually. Ha! If you read this far, thanks for being one of the interested people. (421 words)

UPDATE: I did Messenger it to LaLa and she definitely thinks I'm crazy but also I'm OK to post this here now. :)