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29.8.18 20:42 
Oh hey more news! Tomorrow (Thursday) will contain my VERY FIRST solo on air gig curating for KFAI - 90.3 FM Minneapolis - 106.7 FM St. Paul! I will be guest hosting The Pop Shop from 10PM to midnight. Yes, of course, my first on air assignment will be as "competition" with Jake Rudh. ;-) But you can still listen to Transmission and then switch over for the second hour....or just stream it from the archive some time within 14 days after air.

I got pretty lazy and let the "day in history" sites come up with most of my selections, but we have a lot of "August 30" history lined up, and it turns out there are some very significant events to celebrate! (Me being on KFAI may or may not be a significant event to celebrate.)

Then, I'm sure I'll race over for the end of the usual karaoke. :)