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12.9 13:36 Last night, feeling like I needed to do SOMETHING after getting my TCF Bank rejection email, I dashed off an old writing exercise and pasted it in as a post to my LinkedIn account before leaving to go wallow in self-pity and accept hugs and pizza. My post - which I forgot to share here, sorry - got 8 Likes overnight, including an ex-coworker who was friends with ANOTHER ex-coworker, who ended up seeing the post and more importantly seeing my name. This reminded him of a company who was looking for a tech writer (but really more of a project coordinator-to-maybe-evolve-into-a-project manager) and this morning he messaged me saying he thought the folks with the budget should talk to me, I should talk to them and could I give him a resume? We just had a quick phone call where I got the inside skinny about the company and the new team they're starting and what their requirements might be. From what I've heard, I could definitely help them out. We'll see if it goes anywhere but ... I definitely wouldn't have been put in front of my friend if I hadn't made that LinkedIn post at that time so yeah maybe everything IS happening for a reason again. See you tonight?