CRZ is Christopher Robin Zimmerman

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28.9.18 03:07 There are - well, not MANY emotions right now, just some really really powerful ONE emotion. It's difficult to explain how hard it's going to be. Grumpy's will be open a few more days but tonight was my last. Even before moving here in 2004, Grumpy's was the place where we sung songs and drank drinks, and I've never felt like a "regular" anywhere else - here OR there. I feel pretty lost right now - more so than usual. I know I have the interview of my life in less than ten hours and I will manage to comparmentalize between now and then, but.....there's so much I want to tell you, but it's all probably going to slip away. And to be honest, we're probably both better off. Still......God damn, it's gonna be so different [and not in a good way] without Grumpy's Downtown. I'm glad I got to share tonight with so many of you, and I am so remorseful that I missed out on the chance with so many MORE of you. As per usual...I still love you all.