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30.12 04:27 Back on November 24, 2017 (I double checked), Andy and I went to Electric Feel at the Turf Club and met two very lovely young ladies named Maggie and Becca who we engaged in sparkling conversation, discussing the merits of Pokémon GO and tea cigarettes, and then promptly never saw again - until last night, at Electric Feel at the Turf Club. I would humblebrag about me being recognised before Andy except it was only because somehow I wore Pokémon-related T-shirts both nights, which seems less like something to brag about. Still, 13 months between memorable meetings seems memorable enough for me to mention it here. We ended up including them in our party of eight on a walk to Denny's, whereupon they repeatedly remarked that we all seemed pretty damn cool. Nobody disagreed with that. Of course, they ended up in Alex' car somehow, but we're still pretty sure they're both already married, so...anyway, this was one of those "there are no coincidences" posts I enjoy sharing with you. The only topper would have been if one of them could have gotten me a job, but when I asked neither had any prospects. As we did a year ago, we repeatedly encouraged them to come out for Transmission, and just like a year ago we're pretty sure there's no chance they'll show up, but it's nice to dream.