CRZ is Christopher Robin Zimmerman

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3.6.19 14:51 #HIRECRZ: Just got off the phone with a recruiter for a job I'm not sure I wanted - felt much better about telling them their salary range was way less than I could consider, but .... what if they come back and say they're still interested at my rate? I strongly doubt that'll happen, but they did say they wanted someone with a sense of humour...maybe we'll talk again. Unlikely. But maybe! In the meantime, I wait on not one but TWO dream jobs I've applied for, not feeling confident for the MN IT one (although government can move slower'n molasses so it's possible they'll still reach me) but very interested in a Medtronic one (just applied Friday - if you know anybody at Medtronic, now's the time to introduce me to them!)

EDIT: How embarrassing - got my companies mixed up. Although I wouldn't mind working at Boston Scientific either...