CRZ is Christopher Robin Zimmerman

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8.10.19 13:57 It's been a weird day for email. Medtronic sent me one early this morning with the subject line "Feedback on your Hiring Experience" which is strange because I distinctly remembered them NOT hiring me. It read:


You recently interviewed for Transformation Sr. Program Manager, Knowledge Management. As part of the Talent Acquisition focus on continuous improvement, we would like to invite you to provide feedback on the recruitment process.

To access the questions please click link below. You will then have the option to select the survey in the following languages:
English, Español , 英语, 日本語, Français, Deutsch, Português, Polski.

Completing the survey only takes 3-5 minutes, your feedback is very valuable and we thank you for your time.
Follow this link to the Survey:

Medtronic Global Talent Acquisition"

I dutifully filled out the survey, letting them know I applied for the position on June 1st, received one automated email letting me know they'd received my application, and then had zero contact with any human beings until receiving an automated email September 30th telling me I wasn't selected, meanwhile seeing the position be relisted two times AND appear to still be open. I decided to rate them a 0 out of 10 for that experience.

Looks like they may have sent me the email that was meant to go to whomever they hired (because the "To:" line reads "Turner, Brian J Transformation Sr. Program Manager, Knowledge Management" and Christopher R. Zimmerman isn't Brian J Turner) - hopefully they don't do that to anybody else.