CRZ is Christopher Robin Zimmerman

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You are warmly invited to join friends and family in remembering Marcus and celebrating his life this Friday, November 29th, 2019 from 5pm to 10pm at 2437 Emerson Ave S.
Please come up the driveway to the stairwell. Come share stories, food, and love.

Marcus was a fixture in many communities. He was often seen around town with his Doctor Who scarf and fantastic shoes at street festivals, attending concerts, going to science fiction conventions, and photographing the world around him. He was also involved for many years in the roller derby community as a friend and photographer.

Marcus will be missed by all of us, including his cat Neko.

"Always with me, always with you" - Joe Satriani

Marcus loved animals very much and the animals he met knew the kind, loving spirit that was Marcus, please consider a donation to the Animal Humane Society in remembrance, or an animal shelter in your area if you are not in Minnesota.

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