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I barely used Spotify in 2019 since I only ever used it at work, and I didn't really work for almost all of 2019 except NOW, where I work at a severely firewalled office where I don't even think Spotify can work... so my 2019 In Review is rather hilarious - the !!! album, the Lana Del Rey album, the TOOL album, and a bunch of tracks from one of Kat's stronger playlists when I felt bad about her having to endure the magic iPod for the umpteenth time during her visit. So, since I also had a decade in review and it's a well more accurate reflection of the ol' KZiM experience, you get that instead...but I think you can still click through to see my amusing 2019 playlist, too. If I follow you on Spotify, I'm sure I'll try to find yours later, too... if I ever use Spotify again for anything besides playing in the KFAI Music League™.