CRZ is Christopher Robin Zimmerman

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26.8 12:55 UPDATE: A week ago, two deputy/detectives from the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office visited my porch to take my statement a third time and also swab my cheeks to confirm my DNA was all over the Smith and Wesson I'd recovered back in July. They confirmed that the presence of the gun near a body that was eventually found underneath the bridge was probably not a coincidence, those weird spots on the gun WERE actually blood, but most importantly assured me that if I had actually called MPD I would have been waiting around forever while they did all the other "higher priority at 0230 in the morning" stuff, which would have been practically everything so it was perfectly fine and in fact preferable to remove the piece AND unload it. I had an inward chuckle hearing the HCSO folk low-key slamming the MPD but they may have just been trying to stay on my good side. They also told me the name of the victim and asked if I knew them - sadly and fortunately, I did not. Dunno i!
f Andy ever called them or if they called him; might depend how much DNA that isn't mine they've found to gauge their interest in pursuing his. Not even sure how much DNA of MINE they'd find, it's not like I was spitting all over it (I think).