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Way back when I tried the jalapeño Cheetos for the first time and raved about them. Joseph and a few other people let me know this stuff existed and I probably should buy some, make it and eat it. Cub actually stocked it, so I bought these two boxes and they sat on the kitchen island for....a while. TONIGHT I decided it was a special enough night (in that I was alone and bored, had milk that hadn't expired and there wasn't really anything else in the house calling to me to have for 1am dinner) so here we go.

First of all, turns out I VASTLY prefer macaroni to spiral.....oni and was a little sad that I didn't really look too hard about which kind of mac was in this "mac and cheese" box, not that that's why you buy this stuff - you want to experience this FLAVOUR. Perhaps spirals, by virtue of their larger amount of surface area to which the sauce can stick, was an educated choice. I'm not working for Kraft for reasons, probably. (Is this even a Kraft product? I don't know, the boxes are already in the garbage and I'm back upstairs.)

ANYWAY. YES. It WAS delicious, and close enough to the actual Cheetos themselves that I was happy. I probably didn't need to ingest 1500 calories' worth in one sitting, but that's kinda how you do boxed Mac and Cheese - load up and know you'll regret it almost immediately after you've cleaned up the dishes.

I stopped buying mac and cheese boxes completely years ago, so I won't buy these again as part of that. I DO kinda want the ol' reliable blue box mac & cheese one more time now, though. I'll see if it's ever at a sale price I feel like paying. This and homemade Chex Mix are the only things that I use margarine for so it might be good to do those two things more than twice a year.

I'm not sure which alcohol to follow this up with but with the lingering jalapeño sauce taste in my mouth and throat I know the first few swigs are gonna taste weird no matter which selections I make.

For Chester Cheetah, this is CRZ - and this has been another episode of "CRZ's Life Choices!" As always, we humbly thank you for your feigning of interest to make it this far into the block of text.