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All right, here's something salty. These absolutely do not need to exist, but whichever multinational conglomerate what currently owns The Frito-Lay Company is bound and determined to "innovate" in the chip arena. All these are - ALL these are - are "Doritos 3D" except with potato starch instead of corn. Instead of poofing up a potato chip, they roll em out really thin and then assemble them into these square-y things with an extra layer in the middle. I could BARELY taste the sour cream & onion (maybe the cheese ones will be better...they usually are). But buddy if you want Pringles, the cans of Pringles are RIGHT OVER THERE. If you want something in a potato poof, perfection was achieved with MUNCHOS. The only good thing about this product is it's so light that you can eat an entire bag and only consume half the calories of a "real" bag of chips, but that also means these are tremendously expensive by volume. They're no Cheez-It Crisps. Bottom line is I kn!
ew what I was getting into but I also knew that I'd probably be generating "content" out of it although I get paid exactly zero either way HEY PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEEEE