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4.2.14 23:09 Hello, Facebook. It's been a few weeks. Let me tell you about tonight's trip to the Republican caucus!

I caucus with the GOP because my "party" doesn't caucus (they're holding what they call a "caucus-style meeting" on Thursday and I still haven't decided if I want to go and hear them repeatedly ask for money or not), I'm still carrying some lingering memories of the good times we amassed to take over state conventions with the RP Cabal from the grassroots, and mostly because in my 90%+ DFL ward, I'm concerned that if I don't show up, nobody will. This is barely an exaggeration - two wards meet at my caucus location, and counting the three "officers" who showed up and ran the thing, there were six people there. The ward that wasn't mine had NOBODY who wasn't an officer show up. This means that a delegate slot is yours if you want it - hell, they offered me chairman of the precinct! - but I declined all of it as I can't dedicate any of my precious nice-weather Saturdays to this silly party. Average age in the room had to be in the 50s.

The funny thing is it would only take three or four students from the U to take over the ward, but they can't be bothered. Actually, it would only take three or four of the Somali contingent to take over the ward, but they're busy with their sights on Rep. Kahn - apparently our DFL caucus was very boisterous as the forces of Kahn and the forces of her young Somali primary challenger fought for THEIR delegate slots. (To demonstrate the forces at play here, consider that Mohamud Noor is 36, while Phyllis Kahn has served as State Rep. for 44 years.)

So anyway, I ended up leaving early to make sure I was at the Timberwolves game before halftime because I didn't want to miss their well-hyped halftime performer, who turned out to be....Tag Team. Well.

WHOOMP, there it was.