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So I KNEW that there were almost 400 RSVP'd to the Bad Bad Hats/The Awful Truth show, according to their Facebook Event page. I also knew that it was over 3.7 miles on foot, according to Google Maps. Finally, I knew that it was almost 80º and almost 70%!h(MISSING)umidity, according to The Weather Channel. Even knowing ALL this, I decided, what the hell, it's an 11PM show, let's walk to Icehouse. How bad could it be?

As I waited in an incredibly long line, trying not to be really obvious about how badly I was sweating, it almost came as a relief when, single digits of people from reaching to the threshold, a voice announced "WE ARE AT CAPACITY: IF YOU DID NOT BUY A TICKET, WE ARE SOLD OUT." I could have left the house 10 minutes earlier, or I could have walked faster, or I could have taken the car and probably found a parking spot that would have still required a good amount of exercise, and I could have been inside, but I didn't do any of that. I took a different path home instead.

That's actually not the point of this story, although it does get us closer to it - mostly I wanted to make sure I got out that I walked over 7½ miles - or is it more impressive to say 12 kilometres? - but beyond that, the fact that I was seriously questioning my sanity about three miles into my walk TO Icehouse ended up swiftly erased as the universe, as it often does, dropped a huge sign that I was doing the right thing with the placement of a $20 bill on th sidewalk of Franklin Ave between Clinton and 3rd with no other human beings within a block of me as I collected it.

So, the point! NOW I have this $20. What was the intent of this good fortune?

• Should I have taken it as a sign that I should have paid for a cab home instead of walking back? (This was the mostly likely message, but I have ignored it.)

• Should I have offered one of the people who paid $8 + inconvenience fee the twenty bucks to take their place inside? (I barely wanted to pay ten bucks of my own money at the door for this show. By the way, let me tell you all about inconvenience fees and what a scam they are--I'm digressing)

• Should I buy all the Domino's I can eat, and balance out the caloric deficit I'm currently running from all this exercise? (I'm not hungry, so I guess not.)

• Should I remind myself I have already incurred a $15 late fee paying my car insurance so perhaps this is just a balancing out of thst? (I don't feel like reminding myself I was three days late on a payment I should have made weeks ago, so let's forget it and move on)

I don't know, but it DID give me this story to tell you about why I ended up at home at midnight on a Friday night instead of subjecting you to two more barely legible Instagrams.

Everything DOES happen for a reason; it just takes me a while to figure it out sometimes. Balance!