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Gather round, kids, and try hard not to roll your eyes as I share with you yet another example of how it's all interconnected with karma fueling all that bullshit and so forth.

I had debated all week whether or not I really wanted to go to First Ave to catch FFS but I think I was finally swung by the very visible anticipation by several folks whose opinions I greatly admire here on Thefacebook (you know who you are; you probably won't read this status update unless I trick you by tagging you; I am not tagging you this time) - it read a lot like how *I* felt earlier this week for That Other Show I Attended (CALLBACK!), so I felt like I should probably do that thing.

What I hadn't anticipated was how into this WNBA Final I'd been getting, thanks in part to the free tickets I kept scoring, to the point where now I really NEED the Lynx to win this Championship and will feel pretty crushed if they don't. Game 3 was tonight, somewhere in Indiana (I think), and on ESPN2, and I ended up watching all of it. (Catch the last 1.7 seconds if you can. It was all over the Internet by the time I left the house.) So I was pretty much missing Jake (no big loss) and opening act The Intelligence (were they good? I will have to look them up later), but that was fine because all I was really interested in was the Main Event.

THEN I found that it was going to be streamed live via Yahoo! and AGAIN questioned if I should go, given that I could stay home and see it for free, probably on TV thanks to Roku magic...but that sounded like a different kind of pain to set up, and I wasn't swayed from the potential thrill of Being There.

What FINALLY came to pass was, around 9:15 as I was ready to jet, I figured out that I'd left my phone at work. Again, in my highly regimented, routine-filled life, the thought of attending a show without it was unfathomable - would I really have been there if I hadn't checked in and posted a photo? - SO I detoured to Roseville back to the office to grab it. I then hustled down 35W and parked in my usual spot on 7th because, even as I was running late, I still felt compelled to park half a mile away so I would get another mile of walking in tonight. Routine.

I'm getting somewhere with all this, and it's First Avenue. I made it into line at 9:57, knowing that a Yahoo! stream meant they were probably going to be pretty prompt with their 10PM start. In line for the box office, the man in front of me casually asked "hey, you need a ticket?" In fact, I DID need a ticket. It turns out he was on the list with a +1 but had come alone, but he wanted to help a brother out. So I got in gratis, thanks to ending up in the right place at the right time. If the game had gone to overtime, if I hadn't left my phone at work, if I hadn't parked as far off as I had...well, now maybe you're starting to see what I'm trying to explain about how it all works out, and how it happens a lot more than you'd think....or maybe just for me? You tell me.

(I didn't want to burn ALL my karma tonight, so I did buy him the largest bottle of beer I saw in the First Avenue cooler, and got myself a Stag tallboy - that + the tip still ended up, like, less than half the price of a ticket. The first notes hit as I put in my order.)

I made it to the upper level with a prime spot to gawk at Ron Mael for the entire set. It was a good show! More importantly, everyone I ran into there seemed to also really enjoy the show. Also more importantly, I knew I'd be typing this thing later...for YOU! And ME!

AND I got home before midnight! Now, if I can just go to bed early so I can drag my ass out of bed in time for the charity walk...

(Oh, I busted my budget with a FFS T-shirt. No regrets!)