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13.10.15 19:38 
You know I'm not much for posting about politics here, but I did just see the Democrats debate, and all I can say is: WOW! What a commanding performance! She really showed why she's been frontrunner, well, pretty much since Obama won the last one. Email, Benghazi, none of it matters - she's Teflon and even if there was something to ANY of that, none of it would ever stick to her. She's unstoppable! Ol' Joe is probably scared out of running after that masterful performance where she thrust and parried and nobody could land a shot on her. Sadly, there's no chance for Bernie, not to mention those other three also-rans. I sure would have liked to see Larry Lessig in the debate tonight, though. But hell, we might as well inaugurate her right now; the nomination is clearly hers and the Republicans (and others) have absolutely no chance. RUN HILL RUN