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13.10.15 19:38 
You know I'm not much for posting about politics here, but I did just see the Democrats debate, and all I can say is: What a sad display. All the chickens came home to roost in one night and she definitely is feeling the effects of the constant drip-drip-drip of questionably legal actions, email, Benghazi, her lack of anything to point to while Secretary of State really, an entitled sense of being above the law and an almost constant, sometimes baffling stream of dissembling. Even on the debate stage, she couldn't help but rack up the Pinocchios. Now's the best time for a weary Democratic caucus to look to...Bernie? One of the three others? Probably the opportune time for Joe to come in and "save the day" for the establishment. I sure would have liked to see Larry Lessig in that debate tonight, though. STICK A FORK IN HILL, SHE'S DONE.