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16.2.17 09:30 
#tbt And then there's this one. Amongst the many wonderful things Kris has done for me, maybe the greatest one was volunteering my house as a crash pad for his OTHER friends who happened to be in town at the same time, because there was no other way I could have met Kat. She was here less than two weeks but now it's very, very hard imagining life without her in it. She's a great talker, a great listener, has a great attitude and a very easily seen love of life which is incredibly infectious. She's tiny (relatively) but carries herself like the biggest man in the room and it's amazing. I don't know a single person she met in Minnesota who didn't immediately like her. And I know she's heard this a lot and is probably a little tired of hearing it... but she may have the most beautiful eyes on two continents. I miss her terribly - I miss making fun of her accent; I miss trying to find vegan options for her and being so amused that she finds Cub Foods a virtual mecca compared to the grocerie options in Brit-ain. She changed me - with any luck, I'm not changing back. I think she knows all this and won't be too embarrassed that I'm saying it publicly. These photos at the airport were right before last goodbyes and how I managed to make it without crying until I was back on the freeway I'm not sure I know. I'm on the verge of tears again typing this right now....and now you know why I've been procrastinating. It shouldn't hurt this much not having someone nearby, and most of the time it doesn't, until I really start thinking about it. I hope we have one too many drinks again soon. I'll never take off this bracelet. (circa 1215, one week ago)