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6.11.10 17:37 
Checked out the T-Mobile G2. I want it, but TMo is making it very expensive to trade in my G1 before April
6.11.10 17:36 At Costco, man asked me if he was close to the motor oil. I like that he thought I knew, but am not sure WHY he thought I knew...
6.11.10 15:24 Also, I slept through all but the last five laps of the Nationwide race. I know you were wondering.
6.11.10 15:23 
Well, obviously they tape "Fox News Watch" early on Friday, given they only mentioned the Olbermann suspension in the last five seconds
6.11.10 15:06 @dhm Zlightly zweet! (For reference, see all my 1992 Yokozuna/Yokozima match recaps - ZUPLEX!)
6.11.10 15:05 @dhm You probably don't still care by now, but it was in fact "Zomething different." "Nice hat" guy always said his "s-" words as "z-"
5.11.10 23:54 I just ousted nate g. as the mayor of McDonald's - Midway on @foursquare!
5.11.10 18:57 
Always amusing to see both Target Center and Eagle (gay bar) "Trending Now" on a @foursquare Friday night #twolves
5.11.10 18:53 
Let's go #twolves - beat the #hawks!! (@ Target Center w/ 11 others)
5.11.10 17:47 
See you soon at Target Center for the #twolves and #hawks! I'll be the guy in the yellow shirt.
5.11.10 13:04 Ah, Keith Olbermann - suspended without pay for $7200 in D contributions - couldn't have happened to a worser person in the world
5.11.10 11:24 @RealBroSource Closer to Christmas, I believe? (Because we all have so much disposable income around Christmas time, right?)
5.11.10 09:58 
5.11.10 00:50 @kwatt Did anyone ever answer this for you? ION is KPXM 41.1 - aim your rabbit ears away from Shoreview / towards Big Lake
4.11.10 16:59 RT @mnwild: Tonight at 10, @david_watkins and @kare11 take you behind #mnwild #Movember efforts. @ClutterStache
4.11.10 12:58 Y'know...KSTC devotes A LOT of schedule time to "Hogan's Heroes." I don't even think they could make a "Hogan's Heroes" in 2010
4.11.10 10:32 
4.11.10 01:28 Did watch @NWAHollywood #5 last night - you can watch it with me at (ingestion of cough drop optional)
3.11.10 16:12 @hansen9j Takes a long time to read NXT recap
3.11.10 10:39 RT @ScottGoldberg: Oh man. The hashtag from hell. #mnrecount
3.11.10 09:42 
2.11.10 22:45 Wow, Democrats on Twitter sure are WHINY. Meanwhile, Republicans on Twitter are...apparently out at parties and not on Twitter
2.11.10 22:02 I earned the 100% of Polls Reporting sticker on @GetGlue!
2.11.10 17:37 @ddyw I wondered about you today! That sucks... but also in a very infinitesimally small (like asbestos is) way rules?
2.11.10 15:05 What, there's an #ivoted badge on Twitter, and I can't spell it correctly the first time? I want one of THOSE, too!
2.11.10 15:05 What, there's a #voted badge on Twitter? I want one of THOSE, too!
2.11.10 15:03 RT @Dave_Schwartz: Follow Cal Clutterbuck's #movember stache. It has its own Twitter page at @clutterstache ... Why not!
2.11.10 12:03 And so it's come to this: ask me anything on VYou @VYoucom
2.11.10 09:45 RT @janashortal: How many more minutes til polls close?
2.11.10 09:19 
2.11.10 09:01 I just unlocked the "I Voted 2010" badge on @foursquare!
1.11.10 23:58 
Do you think @Twitter will go after @Craigyferg for his blatant disregard for their suggested style and usage guide?
1.11.10 22:44 Half price candy at @Walgreens makes this one of the happiest days of the year
1.11.10 22:43 I also put the No in NaNoWriMo
1.11.10 21:15 
To learn more about tonight's #RAW cross-promotion, visit
1.11.10 21:13 .@DPE_Skwerl Phil LaMarr is Cowboy Curtis - guess Larry Fishburne was busy, and since MadTV isn't on the air... ;-)
1.11.10 21:11 Looks like there's no Captain Carl in the Broadway cast. That's probably the right move. (Because obviously I'm an expert on this.)
1.11.10 21:07 RT @DPE_Skwerl: Big Show is Pee Wee Herman's cousin? Wasn't he also Andre the Giant's son? How does this family tree go?
1.11.10 21:02 
How is this possible? I think we've heard the Pee Wee Herman Show's theme more than music of @TheNexusWWE tonight
1.11.10 20:58 Wasn't Captain Carl Phil Hartman, though? So he's probably not in the show. Hmmm, I should ask @ddyw, she was just there...
1.11.10 20:55 @hansen9j
1.11.10 20:54 @hansen9j Enabler.
1.11.10 20:51 Is there much revenue in 1 word articles? RT @WONF4W: Surprise appearance on Raw tonight by (link which surely says "Lita" whom we just saw)
1.11.10 20:48 @thecubsfan OK, not the chin so much as the neck which doubles as a chin, no pun intended (pun intended)
1.11.10 20:46 @thecubsfan I'd shave tonight before taping something tomorrow, but this chin does me no favours.
1.11.10 20:38 Today I joined @blekko & @VYoucom (both of which need more pro wrestling) ..let's see if I'm still using either/both on 11/1/11 (50/50 odds)
1.11.10 16:40 RT @kylieminogue: Love the men in your life?? Support raising awareness for men's health!!
1.11.10 14:14 
Holy mo(ss)ly RT @The_W: Randy Moss waived from Vikings.
1.11.10 12:02 @VYoucom Is there some step between me confirming my email and you telling me I have an account that I haven't grasped? vyouatkzimdotcom
1.11.10 09:58 
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