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14.1.11 21:59 
Finally got my January @Mixmag...but not my December one. I think Royal Post hates me...or America
14.1.11 19:16 
Even *I* have not visited @The_W during 18 of Friday's 20 hours (only 11 for me)
14.1.11 17:05 
C'mon, yogurt ain't scary - & #Qik loves me :) RT @Lord_Gow: @CRZ The video stuff we don't mind, it's the yogurt reports that freak us out!
14.1.11 15:49 Smoothed out on the R&B tip with a pop feel appeal to it
14.1.11 14:46 @KevinMarshall If I can reach just one person...
14.1.11 14:44 
Sorry for all the #Vyou stuff in my timeline - it seems to happen in spurts and I usually forget to uncheck the Twitter box (also @GetGlue)
14.1.11 14:38 "Do you think that Tom Hank's fratboy son, Chet Haze, has a chance at becoming a big-time rapper?"
14.1.11 14:33 "Do you think Lindsay Lohan's career as an actress has a shot of recovery?"
14.1.11 14:32 "What do you think is the cause for all these dead birds falling from the sky?"
14.1.11 14:13 
Where are we on that Tetris adaptation? RT @geekosystem A Pac-Man Reality Show. Really.
14.1.11 12:10 
"Were you hoping someone would ask you something today so you could show off your Bart Starr jersey?"
14.1.11 12:03 Lost in #hashtags discussion: "quantity over quality" reigns - people who tweet/RT the most usually least funny (except in their own minds)
14.1.11 10:59 
14.1.11 00:04 
I earned the Must See sticker on @GetGlue!
13.1.11 21:20 
I earned the Party's Here! sticker on @GetGlue!
13.1.11 21:20 
I earned the Sad Sammi sticker on @GetGlue!
13.1.11 20:52 @mcwet Oh and congrats on the kid! (if I read correctly :-) )
13.1.11 20:51 @mcwet Thanks Marty...unfortunately I can't log in and site never stops "loading" on my Android G1 - will try again Sat.
13.1.11 20:22 @okland272012 LOL, you're right there - thing is, I can't seem to log in to that one
13.1.11 19:50 
At this rate, it's a coin flip between @okland272012 and I for the JimPete shout out #Twolves
13.1.11 19:27 
BUT the moon is back on at the Target Center, so there's that #Twolves
13.1.11 19:25 
Man #fanchatter sure is quiet when everything else is filtered out...where's @mcwet and our technical support? #Twolves
13.1.11 19:11 
Somebody broke the moon spotlight! #Twolves
13.1.11 19:03 
What's the sound of one fan clapping? #Twolves #fanchattet
13.1.11 18:58 
Is the #Twolves #fanchatter up tonight? Newest msg is from 6 hrs ago...or my bookmark is wrong...
13.1.11 18:53 
LET'S GO #TWOLVES - beat the #wizards and/or #bullets! (@ Target Center w/ 6 others)
13.1.11 14:27 
Wait, are you telling me I'm NOT a Gemini? I find that hard to believe. As do I.
13.1.11 13:40 
My video response to "Being from the west coast and living on the east coast I decided that I hate the snow, do you concur?"
13.1.11 12:48 Teddy Pendergrass died a year ago today - and to people still writing "2010" on their cheques, he died today. RIP Teddy P
13.1.11 12:07 
@KevinMarshall I hope that means cool entrances. After all, you know how many people watch WWE for the entrances!
13.1.11 12:06 Probably still filming "My Giant 2" RT @hansen9j: Gheorghe Mure┼čan couldn't make it? @MinnesotaMunn
13.1.11 12:02 
I THINK he's messing w/us RT @MinnesotaMunn: #Twolves homestand cont,#Wizards 2startManuteBol,JeffRuland,BigE,LedellEckles+Labradford Smith
13.1.11 11:59 @ellieblades We can't get there....too much snow
12.1.11 22:09 
I earned the Cult sticker on @GetGlue!
12.1.11 17:20 
I just ousted Janelle R. as the mayor of Bp on @foursquare!
12.1.11 13:24 
In case you missed the shameful display by the NBA officiating crew yesterday, check out #twolves
12.1.11 13:12 
Super duper thanks to @Qik support for helping me out today! For all my Qik followers (in my head), I can now be found at
12.1.11 12:36 
"What's you're most memorable Green Bay Packers game that wasn't the Super Bowl?"
12.1.11 11:24 
12.1.11 00:18 
In my section, "Donaghy" has become quite popular RT @MinnesotaMunn: #Twolves fans-What is your favorite lame cliche from fans to the ref?
11.1.11 19:16 
@HeidornP It's been an hour, but... 113-K-8 just like last time :-)
11.1.11 19:06 
Well, there *is* a new Mayor at the Target Center...but, alas, it's not me #twolves
11.1.11 19:01 
LET'S GO #TWOLVES - beat the #spurs! (@ Target Center w/ 13 others)
11.1.11 17:59 
Will TONIGHT be the night I retake the mayorship of the Target Center? STAY TUNED #twolves FANS
11.1.11 17:08 RT @PerkatPlay: Retweet this. Why? I dunno.
11.1.11 13:22 @dhm The dude from those ads ztill haunts me. "Nice hat."
11.1.11 13:07 
Happy 18th birthday to Monday Night Raw - you're barely legal. My #rspw recap of RAW #1, via Google Groups:
11.1.11 12:24 
10.1.11 23:40 
I'm the Guru of Target Center on @GetGlue!
10.1.11 21:16 #standupforhazing
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