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22.3.11 16:32 I think you misspelled the misspelling. Am I write? (Ars Technica: Copyright troll Righthaven achieves spectacular "fair use" loss)
22.3.11 16:27 RT @arstechnica: Copyright troll Righthaven achieves spectacular "fair use" loss: by @natexanderson
22.3.11 16:12 
Listened to Tomcraft - Written High
22.3.11 15:41 
Listened to Far East Movement - Rocketeer
22.3.11 15:06 
Listened to Kaskade f/ Mindy Gledhill - Call Out (Original Mix)
22.3.11 15:00 
Listened to Kaskade f/ Mindy Gledhill - Call Out (Digital Lab Remix)
22.3.11 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 17.63 ▼0.04 (Range: 17.49 - 17.79)
22.3.11 14:57 
Listened to Pearson Sound / Ramadanman - Fabriclive 56
22.3.11 14:56 "View | Toolbars | Bookmarks Toolbar" twice (off/on) to display Bookmarks Toolbar in active Firefox 4 window - maybe wait for 4.0.1 :) #fx4
22.3.11 14:51 So I can uncheck "View | Bookmarks Toolbar," then REcheck it and it'll show up, but I don't want to do that with EVERY window I open in #fx4
22.3.11 14:25 
Time for coffee!
22.3.11 12:18 
Listened to - Episode 84: E-Heavy’s Tribute To Nate Dogg
22.3.11 12:16 RT @howardjones: HJ Sheet music is available to download for free. You might like to make a donation to the Japan e ...
22.3.11 12:12 
Listened to DJ H - Le passé (feat. Stea, Etyr, Arco, Malfra, Mystik & Ritmo de la noche)
22.3.11 11:29 
22.3.11 11:06 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
22.3.11 10:48 
U.S. Post Office - University Station 55414 (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
21.3.11 22:02 
It really doesn't reflect red carpet well, does it? #RAW
21.3.11 22:00 
He's invented....Mattitude? #saidbyeverybody #RAW @MATTHARDYBRAND
21.3.11 21:50 Aren't YOU going through it every time you start a thread here? (Sammy Hagar says he was abducted by aliens)
21.3.11 21:12 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
21.3.11 20:52 
Amen brotha RT @CraigWoodhead: Don't know if I can become a #anahiemroyals fan. #NBA
21.3.11 20:52 @Totalvirgo918 Welcome (back) to Twitter! Nice user pic!!
21.3.11 20:49 
I earned the Superfan sticker! (watching "WWE RAW")
21.3.11 20:49 
I'm watching "WWE RAW"
21.3.11 18:54 
Rainbow Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
21.3.11 18:39 
Listen to "Blues After Hours" by Pinetop Perkins on @Grooveshark: #nowplaying #musicmonday
21.3.11 18:38 RT @AP: Legendary bluesman Pinetop Perkins dies at 97 in Austin, Texas, became oldest Grammy winner in February: -EF
21.3.11 18:36 
I started a Vimeo for this episode, and then ten minutes later when I hadn't said anything, I stopped it and threw it away. (NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood #27 - 3/18/11)
21.3.11 17:56 RT @MinneapolisSnow: The City of Minneapolis ends Winter Parking Restrictions.
21.3.11 17:19 
I'm watching "NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood" online
21.3.11 17:02 
Hey @MinneapolisSnow, where's my update?
21.3.11 15:40 RT @RepRonPaul: extremely pleased w/ #SCOTUS decision in favor of #Fed transparency. Eagerly await release of info so we finally get some answers.
21.3.11 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 17.67 ▲0.40 (Range: 17.38 - 17.79)
21.3.11 14:12 
Listened to BT - Laptop Symphony 2011-03-11
21.3.11 13:52 Well, I don't laugh at you like Ricky laughs at Karl (mostly because most of you aren't nearly as entertaining) but I will confess that I HAVE incorporated "you're talking shit" into my admin vocabulary because it's just so ... spot on? (SmackDown #604 3-18-11)
21.3.11 13:39 
IF true - and Alvarez has made sure to leave himself a weaselly out with his use of "likely" - this would be another example of "hey, maybe pay attention to Good Ol' CRZ because he kinda still knows what he's talking about" and a reason for you to take me seriously in that other thread, too. ;-) (WWE Superstars cancled.)
21.3.11 13:35 
This discussion is shit - it's fantasy booking to fill in some incredibly large blanks. It's based on third hand interpretation of second hand information. It has no basis in reality. So...let's just put a stop to that for now. (SmackDown #604 3-18-11)
21.3.11 13:24 New Music Tuesday (3/22/11): 758 CDs, Vinyl &c.
21.3.11 13:17 
Coffee, please
21.3.11 13:13 
Listened to BT - Laptop Symphony 2011-02-25
21.3.11 13:06 
Aside from Amos dragging a rumour over here (and neglecting to provide a link so anybody could at least verify the source - and boy, I'm a big fan of THAT happening on this board), does anyone have anything approaching REAL information that this is really being thought about? Because, otherwise, a lot of time is being wasted here. (SmackDown #604 3-18-11)
21.3.11 12:59 
RT @geekosystem: How to Complain to the Government About the AT&T-T-Mobile Merger
21.3.11 12:50 
RT @dhm: I like when the announcer laughs like The Count. RT @TrueHoop: Every game should end like this:
21.3.11 12:21 "Do you think Chris Jericho will don a Cobra Kai jacket at any time during Dancing With the Stars this season?"
21.3.11 12:08 
Listened to BT - Laptop Symphony 2011-02-18
21.3.11 11:34 @swampynomo I always feel like that's the sort of topic where I'd be surprised by number of replies...except we only get ~1 thread a season
21.3.11 11:33 @swampynomo I meant YOU. YOU. NOT ME. YOU.
21.3.11 11:26 Well, @The_W needs SOMEONE to say how @IAmJericho did RT @swampynomo: What can I say ? I'm weak. I will watch that trainwreck #DWTS tonight
21.3.11 11:25 
I'm sure @dhm and the Phanatic are marking this anniversary RT @The_7: 7 YEARS AGO: Kaboom goes the Vet
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