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26.3.11 17:39 
During the last ad break, somebody found (made?) a "74" graphic for their ticker (it was just CG text when the show started), even though Harmon had parked after three laps. Sometimes, it's the little things, so I felt they should at least know that one guy watching noticed it.

(I should add that FOX/SPEED *still* don't seem to have a full complement of number graphics in THEIR ticker.) (The Daly Planet: Live Blogging Nationwide Series From California (ESPN - 5PM ET))

26.3.11 17:32 
I'm the Guru of Goody's Fast Relief 500!
26.3.11 17:27 
I'm the Guru of Kroger 250!
26.3.11 16:19 
I'm thinking about Royal Purple 300
26.3.11 16:17 Y'know, @NationwideNNS really needs to stop displaying "invalid" Codespotter codes during telecasts CC: @NASCAR_NNS @Nationwide
26.3.11 16:16 RT @grumpymartian: The world is often a dark and horrible place. That's why we have Basset Hounds-- to even things out
26.3.11 15:43 
Spire Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
26.3.11 15:20 
U.S. Post Office - University Station 55414 (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
26.3.11 14:01 I'm watching Journal Editorial Report
26.3.11 14:01 I'm the Guru of Journal Editorial Report!
26.3.11 13:49 CacaWHATe? RT @rachelsklar: Our Mexican teammate with key afternoon fuel. Cacahuate!
26.3.11 13:37 
I'm watching Fox News Watch
26.3.11 13:37 
I'm the Guru of Fox News Watch!
26.3.11 13:08 
I'm thinking about Royal Purple 300
26.3.11 02:14 361 new DVDs & Blu-ray releases out 3/29
26.3.11 00:48 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
26.3.11 00:23 
I'm thinking about Auto Club 400
26.3.11 00:22 I missed the Lashley fight for "The Ricky Gervais Show" - sounds like I made the right choice.
25.3.11 23:55 I'm watching The Ricky Gervais Show
25.3.11 23:02 I'm watching Funny or Die Presents...
25.3.11 22:10 I'm thinking about 2011 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament
25.3.11 22:05 I didn't regret clicking on it after all! RT @timbu:
25.3.11 21:39 I'm watching NBC Nightly News
25.3.11 20:44 
IF IT WERE YOU IN THAT SANDWICH, YOU WOULDN'T BE LAUGHING AT ALL - McDonald's - The Quarry (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
25.3.11 20:39 
Listened to 7 tracks in the car
25.3.11 18:33 
Listened to The Egg - Albumen
25.3.11 17:21 
Listened to gusgus - Desire
25.3.11 16:26 
Listened to gusgus - Attention
25.3.11 16:13 
24 oz Diet Dr Pepper
25.3.11 16:05 "Why did Yankee Doodle name the feather in his hat Macaroni?"
25.3.11 16:01 "Chicken Dance, Macarena or Electric Slide ?"
25.3.11 15:58 "Was the character on Comedy Central's new "Workaholics" show based on you?"
25.3.11 15:55 "What is your dream job ?"
25.3.11 15:41 Hey! Rasheed is on Twitter! 127 times! #FF @AbdulRasheed127
25.3.11 15:36 @Totalvirgo918 I can't wait! :) Let me know if you need any "technical support" ;-)
25.3.11 15:31 
I am your puppet and live to dance for #VYou RT @Totalvirgo918 Loved to watch you whip your hair back and forth. That was awesome!
25.3.11 15:21 
Good eye :( #twolves RT @JerryZgoda: [After RT about] asking when coach will let him play his game, Beasley's Twitter account appears gone
25.3.11 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.11 ▲0.02 (Range: 18.06 - 18.27)
25.3.11 14:45 Where were they BEFORE the verdict? (Prof. journos' Society back blogger dinged by $60K jury verdict) |
25.3.11 14:34 
Listened to deadmau5 - Random Album Title (Unmixed)
25.3.11 14:33 
Listened to deadmau5 - Sometimes Things Get, Whatever
25.3.11 14:14 This episode was GRRRRRREAT, super romantic, smile inducing, and totally worth waiting a month for it. (The Office 7x19 "Garage Sale")
25.3.11 13:58 When I saw Richard Ayoade's name in the director credit, I watched keenly for any sign of his directing style....which apparently I can't recognise, because I came up empty, but I WILL say Jeff had some great reaction shots cut into Abed's extremely extended monologue. It's harder to do good work when you don't have any lines, but I really liked what both men were doing in that scene.

Now, if it were TARANTINO, he would have found a way to do it without cuts so we all knew it was just a single long take, but we have no way of knowing here....unless somebody fesses up. (Awaits someone else's research in a reply) (Community 2x19 "Critical Film Studies")

25.3.11 13:35 
Listened to The Chemical Brothers - Further
25.3.11 13:27 "How much money would it take to get TopTenPro reinstated on The W?"
25.3.11 13:23 "Minecraft much?"
25.3.11 13:22 "What book would you recommend reading if I am looking for a good laugh?"
25.3.11 13:17 "CRZ, what do you do in that office of yours? What is your background?"
25.3.11 13:13 "Has Ozzy Osbourse or the late John Lennon inspired this look of yours?"
25.3.11 13:08 
Let me get a coffee before I pick off all these VYou questions...
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