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26.4.11 23:12 
Err....yes, Cyndi, not Cydni. (Rule #1: when correcting someone, make no mistakes of your own) (Dischord: Prince to the world: "Don't cover my songs!!")
26.4.11 23:10 
Patrick, when you say Cydni Lauper covered "Since You've Been Gone" - which I'm pretty sure is NOT a Prince composition - did you instead mean "When You Were Mine?" (Dischord: Prince to the world: "Don't cover my songs!!")
26.4.11 19:51 Twitter told me to follow @drinkingwithian. I normally ignore Twitter, but in this case it seemed like good advice.
26.4.11 19:24 
I'm thinking about NBA Playoffs
26.4.11 19:23 Man, the #magic are KILLING the #hawks tonight
26.4.11 19:17 
I'm watching NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs
26.4.11 17:56 
Listened to Gus Gus - Purple (Sasha vs. The Light)
26.4.11 17:45 
Can't wait for the new @gusgus_24_7 album! RT @The_W: gusgus: Magnified Love/Within You Dubs @KOMPAKTREC
26.4.11 17:19 
Listened to GusGus - Within You (Veiran Dubdrop)
26.4.11 17:08 
Listened to GusGus - Magnified Love (President Bongo Instrumental Mix)
26.4.11 16:32 
Similar to me today: @BrianDermody, @ColtCabana, @professorbx, @jkalyn - hmm, I know four people who may disagree with that... (screengrab)
26.4.11 15:17 
Listened to Various Artists - Remixology
26.4.11 15:12 
Can of Diet Dr Pepper
26.4.11 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 19.34 â–²0.17 (Range: 19.13 - 19.51) New 52 week high!
26.4.11 14:15 
Thank GOD they've kept Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston apart! (WWE Supplemental Draft 2011)
26.4.11 14:05 
Listened to Yambu - Sunny on Grooveshark
26.4.11 14:02 @CoolMojo I made it to the end two weeks in a row! Thanks for the shout out! ;-)
26.4.11 12:55 
Before you hit KCSB for Morning Mojo, listen to Infected by Bad Religion on @Grooveshark: #nowplaying
26.4.11 12:54 
Listened to Bad Religion - Infected on Grooveshark
26.4.11 12:49 
26.4.11 12:44 
PLUG: One of the least productive afternoons of the @The_W year is the Supplemental #WWEDraft - catch all the analysis at
26.4.11 12:28 @leaningcowboy Yeah, I wanted to see if there was anything worth trying their "exporter" out on (I'll probably try it at home tonight)
26.4.11 12:16 
Just logged onto Friendster for the first time in 5 or 6 years - I still have 10 friends! (And a boss profile photo from NYE 2004!)
26.4.11 11:12 
26.4.11 11:04 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
26.4.11 01:53 Ya know....I'm surprised NBC hasn't tried to get away with offering up "plausibly live" Royal Wedding coverage on tape delay
26.4.11 01:35 I'm watching NBC Nightly News
26.4.11 01:13 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
26.4.11 01:06 
Some guy totally remade Telex' "Clochets et Sifflets" by multitracking a bunch of Casiotone keyboards! And - get this - that guy was NOT me!
26.4.11 00:07 
I'm watching NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs
25.4.11 23:59 
25.4.11 23:25 
(yeah, 3-3 mutter grumble #sharks #kings)
25.4.11 23:24 When a big chunk of glass came off with the bottle cap, I took that as a sign to pour the beer into a glass before drinking it - is that OK?
25.4.11 23:20 
DANY HEATLEY YES (#sharks 3 - 2 #kings 11:12 3rd)
25.4.11 23:10 @BackoftheHead Negative - our 4 clicks today are all from content from 2008, earlier (might have better data in 24hrs...but might be same)
25.4.11 22:50 Take a drink every time a Versus commentator mentions "puck watching" during an NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs intermission
25.4.11 22:37 
MY MAN JOE #sharks 2 #kings 1 (3:08 remaining, 2nd)
25.4.11 22:08 
(We now join the NHL Playoffs: Game 6, #sharks at #kings, already in progress)
25.4.11 22:07 
Live tweeted WWE RAW (expand to see 28 tweets)
25.4.11 21:06 
This story gets even sadder RT @BringMN: Mother of Dinkytown hit-and-run driver arrested, charged.
25.4.11 20:00 So @billzero left Twitter? Start the suicide watch
25.4.11 19:00 
I'm watching WWE Tough Enough
25.4.11 18:57 Can of Diet Dr Pepper (they were out in the work vending machine)
25.4.11 18:26 
You gotta be kiddin' me! RT @BringMN: Enjoying today's weather? Here comes more snow.
25.4.11 17:06 My video response to "How many Heads in the Drink does it take to make you drunk?@ryderfakin"
25.4.11 15:41 
Wow, just got an email from @factoME! I thought nobody'd logged into Facto! since, like, Jan 10. ( (tnx @emanuelcampos)
25.4.11 15:25 
Listened to Zim Dollar Bill - Zim Dollar Bill
25.4.11 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 19.17 â–²0.14 (Range: 18.89 - 19.24) New 52 week high!
25.4.11 14:58 Man...I sure could go for some white meat chicken fritters right now. #WYNGZ
25.4.11 14:43 
Here's that $5.699/g regular... Orlando gas station sells most expensive gas in country
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