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15.5.11 18:30 
Kevin Featherly was kind enough to write a followup post after my overly long comment last night - so, of course, I wrote *another* really long comment in response. This'll close the door on this topic for me for now (I hope) but we'll see what the autopsy says. (Featherly's Kevblog: Boogaard: A Response)
15.5.11 18:00 I'm watching 60 Minutes
15.5.11 17:31 RT @SuzePorter: This dude @CRZ is crazy. ;))
15.5.11 17:08 I'm watching ABC World News with Diane Sawyer
15.5.11 16:50 
I'm finally hearing lawn mowers in Prospect Park...but not on either side of THIS house, so I think I'll try to hold out one more week.
15.5.11 16:37 
I wonder how many "cease and desist" letters @PrinceBot has received
15.5.11 16:06 
I'm thinking about NBA Playoffs
15.5.11 14:13 @Stareagle Surely you're not saying that everyone who wants to see an OBL photo believes he's not dead?
15.5.11 13:44 
This morning I dreamed I was drinking a Caffeine Free Diet Apple @drpepper while worrying about logging it at - this means something
15.5.11 12:25 
I'm watching Dover 400
14.5.11 22:52 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
14.5.11 22:29 I'm watching Saturday Night Live
14.5.11 21:28 @TheKFV Lessons learned from the Benoit story? Sadly, we can't lend our experience to those in the non-pro-wrestling media ;-)
14.5.11 21:17 
Even if the autopsy results later prove them right, "journalists" shouldn't presume...and then extrapolate:
14.5.11 21:01 
Thank you, @Russostrib - So long to the Boogey Man |
14.5.11 20:52 
No one knows what happened to Boogaard. You say it almost as an afterthought, but it is too soon. Nobody would say with certainty that they know what has happened and yet there is still a frenzied rush in the blogosphere to be the first to presume, assume, place blame, and publish. Such early speculation is both premature and pointless -- certainly irresponsible -- no matter how well-crafted and well-intentioned the author believes themselves/their prose to be. Unfortunately this is just another example of "journalists" making up their minds and filing their stories and columns publishing their blog posts before having all of the facts...before having ANY of the facts. And for what? What prize is won for being first? I guess there is a belief that there will be a "winner," the most eyeballs will be scored, granting the best chance to attempt to shape whatever "debate" ensues - whether it's warranted or not. This is sadness compounding sadness. A man is dead; isn't that sadness enough? (Featherly's Kevblog: Boogaard's Sad Death)
14.5.11 19:12 
I'm watching NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs
14.5.11 15:59 Whole Grain Cheez-Its
14.5.11 14:48 
I'm thinking about 5-hour Energy 200
14.5.11 00:07 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
13.5.11 23:49 
Listened to Propaganda - p:Machinery (Passive Mix)
13.5.11 23:45 
Listened to Lio - C'était comme ça
13.5.11 23:43 
Listened to Elton John - I'm Still Standing
13.5.11 23:40 
Listened to Peter Murphy - The Scarlet Thing in You
13.5.11 22:14 
This can't be real. Derek Boogaard was just 28. Can't believe it. Just stunned. #RIP
13.5.11 22:12 
WHAT HOW :( RT @Russostrib: Awful news: Derek Boogaard was found dead today in his Minneapolis apartment by members of his family.
13.5.11 21:22 
Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
13.5.11 21:18 
Listened to David Guetta f/ Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj - Where Them Girls At
13.5.11 21:15 
Listened to Blue - I Can
13.5.11 21:11 
Listened to Alexandra Stan - Mr Saxobeat
13.5.11 20:40 
I'm thinking about Lucas Oil 200
13.5.11 20:24 
Listened to Dev - Bass Down Low (Explicit Edit)
13.5.11 20:20 
Listened to Jennifer Lopez f/ Lil Wayne - I'm Into You
13.5.11 20:17 
Listened to Nero - Guilt
13.5.11 20:14 
Listened to Glee Cast - Loser Like Me
13.5.11 19:56 
Listened to Sigur Rós - Svefn-g-englar
13.5.11 19:52 
Listened to Breakage f/ Jess Mills - Fighting Fire (Radio Edit)
13.5.11 19:48 
Listened to Breakage f/ Jess Mills - Fighting Fire (Original)
13.5.11 19:44 
Listened to Nero - Me & You (Original Mix)
13.5.11 19:33 
Listened to The Bar-Kays - Holy Ghost
13.5.11 17:31 
Listened to Various Artists - Remember the 80ies Vol. 23 - Willkommen Bei Freunden
13.5.11 17:30 
RT @john_meaders: Check out the Symantec Digital Whiteboard Beta:
13.5.11 15:45 
Listened to Various Artists - Remember the 80ies Vol. 22 - Tour de France
13.5.11 15:11 
Can of Diet Dr Pepper
13.5.11 15:08 
I just ousted @hmendiola as the mayor of Symantec on @foursquare!
13.5.11 15:08 
Symantec (Roseville, MN) (Building 2)
13.5.11 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.06 ▼0.36 (Range: 19.99 - 20.30)
13.5.11 14:39 
Ron Paul officially announces one more run
13.5.11 14:25 RT @tai_nakamura: don't mind! i can't understand me, too!!! (Later: unfollowed me - sad face)
13.5.11 14:16 MAN! You can really taste the hydrolized protein! And it tastes GREAT!
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