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20.6.11 20:27 Kingston takes the second fall, Booker T proclaims the score 0-0 #RAWP2P #whattheidonteven
20.6.11 20:16 
I voted for 2/3 falls - I predict the People will select... whatever option "B" is #RAWP2P #internetsmarkszackryder
20.6.11 20:08 
Wow, there really ARE no babyfaces left in the @WWE! #RAWP2P
20.6.11 20:02 
Possible Freudian slip when Cole recaps by saying "Mason Ryan was chosen to beat Evan Bourne" earlier tonight #RAWP2P
20.6.11 19:50 
Man, Henry has some HUGE....hands #RAWP2P
20.6.11 19:48 it just me, or has "B" won every vote so far? #RAWP2P
20.6.11 19:43 
Really thought Henry would end his promo by reminding us that someone was gon' get their weave split #RAWP2P #MattStrikerfacts
20.6.11 19:41 
RT @scottstanford1: I was voted in by 76% of you to valet the cars after the show tonight! Is that a good thing?
20.6.11 19:37 
Internet smarks sorely disappointed they can't write in @ZackRyder as stipulation in Kane/Henry match #RAWP2P #expectthisallnight
20.6.11 19:36 
I'm voting for the Body Slam match. I know better, but expect the People to pick the same #RAWP2P
20.6.11 19:29 
Internet smarks sorely disappointed they couldn't write in Zack Ryder as Evan Bourne's opponent #RAWP2P
20.6.11 19:29 Mason Ryan walks out, NOW I think the vote is rigged. #RAWP2P
20.6.11 19:28 
This vote will prove how much the "WWE Universe" cares about the Bourne/Swagger feud. RT @dhm @CRZ Aren't these votes rigged?
20.6.11 19:24 
I voted for Sin Cara - so sue me. I predict the People will also vote for Sin Cara #RAWP2P
20.6.11 19:22 
Is it a theme tonight? @RealKellyKelly acted like her win meant something! #RAWP2P (Congrats K2)
20.6.11 19:16 
Internet smarks sorely disappointed they couldn't write in Zack Ryder for every vote (including Divas title match) #RAWP2P
20.6.11 19:11 
Sure enough, Lawler selects Kelly Kelly- hey, he's on Sprint! I take it that's an Evo? (Have I mentioned I love my T-Mo Sensation?) #RAWP2P
20.6.11 19:10 
I voted for Beth Phoenix. I predict the People will select Kelly Kelly. #RAWP2P
20.6.11 19:05 
So @CMPunk thinks wins and losses mean something? Next thing you know he'll say he's a pro wrestler! #RAWP2P
20.6.11 19:03 
Welcome to @WWE Power to the People (not experiencing west coast tape delay)! I will be your social networkist for the evening. #RAW #RAWP2P
20.6.11 17:02 Hooray! @esbColors is back!
20.6.11 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.80 ▲0.25 (Range: 18.43 - 18.82)
20.6.11 13:24 
Listened to a buncha stuff
20.6.11 13:24 
20.6.11 11:26 
Listened to BT - Laptop Symphony 2011-06-17
20.6.11 10:32 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
20.6.11 10:20 
U.S. Post Office - University Station 55414 (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
19.6.11 23:26 
I'm watching NASCAR on TNT Summer Series
19.6.11 22:15 I'm watching Treme
19.6.11 16:34 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
19.6.11 14:45 
I unlocked the Michigan sticker!
19.6.11 12:21 
Happy Father's Day! - Thom Pham's Wondrous Azian Kitchen (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
19.6.11 11:53 
Spire Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
18.6.11 23:54 Interestingly (or not), prices on 2.5" IDE drives haven't changed much at all in three years
18.6.11 23:53 Need to decide: install new HD again?/replace with new (used) laptop?/live with only one laptop and run Time Machine backups some other way?
18.6.11 23:51 Looks like the internal HD on my 2005 laptop died. This would be the second time. (Nothing important on it this time - I learned my lesson!)
18.6.11 22:47 
If you haven't been watching #strikeforce so far tonight and have Showtime, Werdum v. Overeem is starting imminently
18.6.11 21:02 
I'm watching Strikeforce: Overeem Vs Werdum - Barnett Vs Rogers
18.6.11 20:42 
I'm watching HDNet Fights Presents: Strikeforce
18.6.11 16:35 Carl Edwards has learned well from @JohnCena. #NNS
18.6.11 16:21 
What new DVDs are coming out Tuesday (6/21)?
18.6.11 16:00 
After watching video ( I have no idea how @BringMN arrived at "doused...Bachmann with glitter." C'mon, @RickKupchella
18.6.11 15:24 
U.S. Post Office - University Station 55414 (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
18.6.11 14:51 Not fair, Twitter - I rewteet @dhm and I'M the one getting the strange Batman spam tweet response
18.6.11 14:31 
I'm thinking about Alliance Truck Parts 250
18.6.11 14:07 
I'm watching NASCAR Countdown
18.6.11 13:55 
I'm watching Fox News Watch
18.6.11 13:39 
I'm the Guru of Alliance Truck Parts 250!
18.6.11 13:37 
RT @dhm: To me, the Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips 400 will always be the Batman Begins 400.
18.6.11 13:32 
Holy crap it's dark out (here comes the thunder)
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