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26.7.11 00:30 
Listened to Fog - We're Winning
26.7.11 00:26 
Listened to The Walkmen - Angela Surf City
26.7.11 00:23 
Listened to Mochipet - Sharp Drest
26.7.11 00:18 
Listened to Gang Gang Dance - Sacer
26.7.11 00:15 
Listened to Squarepusher - Hello Meow
26.7.11 00:13 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
25.7.11 23:09 I'm watching The Late Show with David Letterman
25.7.11 23:05 
Official follower ± after tonight's 40 tweets during #RAW: ZERO (success?)
25.7.11 22:32 
I'm watching WWE Raw
25.7.11 22:11 
! RT @mnsportszone: Sorry, taking a break to watch Cuddyer PITCH! #Twins
25.7.11 22:06 
25.7.11 22:04 
Oh no - OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ladies and gentlemen.... #RAW
25.7.11 22:02 
Geez, I hope they don't cheapen this awesome match with a bullshit DQ #RAW
25.7.11 21:55 
Superstars outside the ring = commercial break? NO! I don't know WHAT to believe! #RAW
25.7.11 21:54 
Lawler said it before I could - Cena really should have had a match earlier tonight to make it even (but what would you have bumped?) #RAW
25.7.11 21:50 
Heh - me too :) RT @chadpattonwwe: @CRZ I use to keep track for along time but after 16yrs n the buisness I'm lucky to remember...last week!
25.7.11 21:48 
Heh "Rizzoli & Isles" RT @TheCount1017: @CRZ ...thought I missed the debut of an exciting new tag team..Oh yeah WWE doesnt do tag teams #RAW
25.7.11 21:46 
Well, here we go - sure hope they don't move belt back to Cena here, no matter how badly they wanted Cena/Del Rio for #SummerSlam #RAW
25.7.11 21:37 
"Rizzoli & Isles" trending - it's the longest running weekly episodic procedural drama about two women lawyers airing on TNT tonight! #RAW
25.7.11 21:30 
Superstar outside the ring = commercial break (take a drink #2!) #RAW
25.7.11 21:20 
I'm not sure we needed to see Cole in trunks - but the entire Internet probably just exploded. #TshirtQRcode #OMGtrunkQRcode #RAW
25.7.11 21:18 
Thanks! Also, I'm really CRZ RT @DublDownDrew: @fuckingshow You should be also be following @CRZ for the same reason! Great #WWE #RAW tweets
25.7.11 21:16 
25.7.11 21:15 
According to @rubytrax, Triple H resigned John Morrison (@TheRealMorrison) but did NOT resign Morrison's shirt (@TheRealMorrisonsShirt) #RAW
25.7.11 21:10 
If R-Truth keeps calling him THE MAN I'm gonna start accusing @RonKillings of having read my recaps back in the day #RAW
25.7.11 21:08 
What's the "quite frankly" count for this segment? Are we on the second hand yet? #RAW
25.7.11 21:05 
Well, they got the "fat" out - check - Bell's Palsy ref, check, restaurant failure, check - ehhhh suck it @WWE and suck it @MichaelCole #RAW
25.7.11 21:02 
Well obviously this is a fakeout - but oh man, I'll take Good Ol' Jim Ross ANY day. Welcome back @JRsBBQ! #RAW
25.7.11 21:00 
Oh, crap - a Mysterio/Cena title match? There's that other shoe...somebody REALLY wants to pretend to pop a rating tonight! #RAW
25.7.11 20:58 
Hmmm, no COO listed on THIS page, either! #RAW #kayfabe #ThankYouVince
25.7.11 20:57 
As Triple H walks out, just checking - no COO listed yet at #RAW
25.7.11 20:56 
Nothing says a single has jumped the shark like its inclusion as a @WWE PPV theme-- I mean, WOW! @CeeLoGreen at SUMMERSLAM!! #RAW
25.7.11 20:55 
OK, I went back and watched. "Drink with Responsibility?" Which superstar is changing his name to Responsibility? #RAW
25.7.11 20:50 
I must confess I missed the Keith Stone segment - was it longer or shorter than the Divas match? #drinkbeerkids #RAW
25.7.11 20:41 
Dolph Ziggler (@HEELZiggler) has been watching his "Mark Henry postmatch" tapes, I see - I like it! #RAW
25.7.11 20:39 
Sorry, Bourne - but you should have come out to new music #RAW
25.7.11 20:35 
Dolph Ziggler has new music! Without even knowing his opponent, I GUARANTEE he'll win tonight! #RAW
25.7.11 20:31 
Usually they go black-n-white to avoid showing blood, but tonight they tried to avoid showing TEARS! (or bad acting) #RAW
25.7.11 20:28 
Rey didn't thank Titus O'Neill! #RAW
25.7.11 20:23 
Nice to reference last year's loss to Kane due to a MitB cash-in, but I'm not big on lots of cash-in fakeouts and Del Rio's up to 2 - #RAW
25.7.11 20:19 
All irrelevant tweets aside, that was a good (almost 14') match. Now...why do I feel like there may be another shoe to drop? #RAW
25.7.11 20:17 
Hmm, I wonder how many "big" title matches Chad Patton has officiated (Is Chad Patton on Twitter?) (Is Chad Patton @chadpattonwwe?)
25.7.11 20:13 
Ooh, commentators all but DARING you to go catch Obama's speech #RAW
25.7.11 20:12 RT @superturboboost: @CRZ I'm sticking with you! DOWN TO ONE // I'm now more likely to get to 10,000 followers than 0 - thanks!
25.7.11 20:10 
Superstars outside ring = commercial break (take a drink!) #RAW
25.7.11 20:09 
Miz calling spots - sorry, "talking smack" says Lawler #RAW
25.7.11 20:08 
Looks like @JerryLawler IS on Twitter, only tweets on comic books and Memphis, has over 98,000 followers. There's a lesson here?
25.7.11 20:05 
Wow, Cole actually got the hashtag right for once. (That hashtag is #RAW) (Is Lawler even ON Twitter?)
25.7.11 20:01's the same belt. That's it, I'm watching the President's speech! (Just kidding.) #RAW
25.7.11 19:57 @SteveKrak I'm live tweeting Monday Night RAW! Close enough?
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