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15.8.11 20:38 
Give it up for that delicious Subway sandwich! #RAW
15.8.11 20:32 
Suplexing him onto the chair seemed needlessly complex, but perhaps I'm just overthinking a pro wrestling match #RAW
15.8.11 20:27 
RT @Stareagle: The scoreboard tells the story: #JimThome #600
15.8.11 20:23 
Actually, during a "falls count anywhere" match, it is traditional to take the ad break while a man is INSIDE the ring #RAW
15.8.11 20:16 
I unlocked the Critic(250) sticker on @GetGlue!
15.8.11 20:16 I unlocked the Critic sticker!
15.8.11 20:16 I'm listening to Elvis Presley
15.8.11 20:06 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
15.8.11 20:05 
I'm watching WWE Raw
15.8.11 18:57 
I just ousted Brian J. as the mayor of Bp on @foursquare!
15.8.11 18:57 
$3.499/g - Bp (Roseville, Minnesota)
15.8.11 18:33 Maybe we'll go eat at the Warren buffet tonight
15.8.11 18:01 
Listened to Breakbeat Era - Our Disease/Rancid
15.8.11 17:51 
Listened to The Grid - Cybernetic
15.8.11 17:42 
Listened to The Orb - O.O.B.E. (Live)
15.8.11 16:57 
Listened to The KLF - The White Room
15.8.11 16:50 
Listened to 777 - Miracle (Orb Remix)
15.8.11 16:45 
@DublDownDrew You mean Greg Biffle's new best friend?
15.8.11 15:34 
Stuff I wrote recently: Jersey Shore 4x2 / New DVDs / gone to scam
15.8.11 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 17.00 ▲0.21 (Range: 16.69 - 17.01)
15.8.11 14:05 RT @PopChartLab: After #SummerSlam, are you ready to rumble? Presenting The Titanic Taxonomy of #Wrestler Names:
15.8.11 13:39 
15.8.11 12:51 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
15.8.11 12:45 
I'm sure that like me, you are hoping this technology can eventually be used to create groups of singing animals to entertain children in "showtime pizza time theater" type restaurants (Singing Robot Head Is Entertaining, Yet Horrifying)
14.8.11 22:53 
RT @Astro_Ron: What a "Shooting Star" looks like #FromSpace Taken yesterday during Perseids Meteor Shower Thanks @JakeGaran 4 cam
14.8.11 22:46 
Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
14.8.11 22:23 
Listened to Magnetic Man - Essential Mix 2011-08-06 Part 7
14.8.11 21:49 
Yeah, so that happened. :)
14.8.11 21:28 
I unlocked the Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Hero sticker!
14.8.11 19:31 This Famous Dave's has replaced Wild Cherry Pepsi with Dr Pepper in their fountain!
14.8.11 19:23 Famous Dave's (Roseville, MN)
14.8.11 19:09 
Spire Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
14.8.11 18:33 @jkalyn @Steve_Blackman Ha! I can beat that; I am ashamed to admit (not ashamed enough to not tweet) that I first read it as "Black Man MMA"
14.8.11 18:12 RT @Steve_Blackman: Would love to reach 3000 followers tonight. Please spread the word, and also check out Thanks gu ...
14.8.11 17:36 Please forgive me. Has anyone asked if the "Final Destination 5" dude was hanging out at the Indiana State Fair last night?
14.8.11 17:30 I'm watching NBC Nightly News
14.8.11 15:53 
@AbbyJrZero I'm still with Ron Paul, but in '08 I stopped short of calling myself "a Ron Paul Republican" - but that's MY problem
14.8.11 15:44 Why ask Democrats for opinions on the #IAstrawpoll? None of them are gonna vote for ANY Republican, so how seriously can you take answers?
14.8.11 15:42 RT @postpolitics: Tim Pawlenty quits #2012 presidential race #ames #iastrawpoll
14.8.11 15:41 RT @timpawlenty: Congrats to Rep. Bachmann on her win. Our campaign needed to show progress and we did. I'm eager for the campaign ahead. #iastrawpoll
14.8.11 02:24 I'm watching Moonraker
13.8.11 18:51 Can of Heritage Dr Pepper
13.8.11 18:32 
OMG the Packers are on @nflnetwork!!! Time to find snacks and drinks!
13.8.11 18:07 Are and Raging Bull websites now owned by penny stock pimps? Who has their users' information?
13.8.11 17:58 
I'm watching NBC Nightly News
13.8.11 16:57 Acquisition of & Raging Bull on 6/30 by what looks to be a shadowy penny stock PR firm seems like an under-reported story
13.8.11 16:37 Hey, the last time was sold, did they purge the userbase without warning? (Don't ask why I wouldn't have noticed until now)
13.8.11 14:14 I'm thinking about Nationwide Series
13.8.11 06:08 I'm watching The Great Muppet Caper
13.8.11 03:11 
First I thought about seeing who was at Perkins at 3am. Then I thought eh, it's raining...maybe I have all the ingredients for a milkshake downstairs. But what is REALLY happening is I'm too lazy to even get up and put some water in this glass of ice. This is what we call "batchin' it"
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