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11.9.11 13:34 
That'll wrap up today's installment of "CRZ tweets about stuff nobody cares about except maybe himself." Thanks for continuing to follow me!
11.9.11 13:33 Mr. @UFLCommissioner, aren't you embarrassed that your @theUFL website doesn't contain such basic info as 51 man rosters for all 4 teams?
11.9.11 13:31 
Looks like somebody at @nflredzone needs to get on the roof and readjust the azimuth on one of their satellites
11.9.11 13:28 Two things you could find last year on @theUFL website that you can't find this year: @FanHouse sponsorship and every 51 man roster
11.9.11 13:26 Maybe @UFLDustySloan didn't get paid? It'd explain why his name is so prominently placed on @theUFL website while the 51 man rosters aren't
11.9.11 13:21 @HackmanRSPW Why? @heymanhustle never wished ME a happy birthday
11.9.11 13:12 
I defy you to find ONE website besides @The_W ( with all four @theUFL 51 man rosters - even doesn't!
11.9.11 12:22 
I'm thrilled you're watching 9/11 memorial television, but are you not aware that they're kicking field goals over on @nflredzone?
11.9.11 06:37 Fun fact about @theufl website: Over 24 hours after 51 man rosters were set, only ONE of the 4 teams' rosters can be found there
11.9.11 04:45 
Oh wow, I learned how to take screengrabs on my Sensation! (Press POWER-HOME)

This functionality must have been (re)enabled in the last OTA update. Cooooooooool
11.9.11 03:06 I'm watching Louie
11.9.11 02:25 Guys, 9/11 is a DATE. It didn't DIE.
11.9.11 01:56 
I'm watching WWE SmackDown!
11.9.11 01:33 
Wonderful 素晴らしい! (says Google translate :) ) (video)
11.9.11 01:02 Hey, remember the Geek Code? - ...
10.9.11 21:22 I'm thinking about Sprint Cup Series
10.9.11 20:06 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
10.9.11 19:28 Pizza Lucé delivered
10.9.11 18:37 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
10.9.11 18:07 BTN has video but obviously they're not going to air it. Gophers were driving to try to tie NM State - still :20 on the clock.
10.9.11 18:05 The cameras wisely moved off of him but Coach Kill collapsed and it looked like he was having a seizure. The stadium is silent.
10.9.11 18:03 Holy crap, what just happened to Coach Kill?
10.9.11 17:32 I'm watching NBC Nightly News
10.9.11 17:30 I'm watching NBC Nightly News
10.9.11 16:46 
As examples of my 2001 writing go, better off with the "straight" recap of the post-9/11 live Smackdown:
10.9.11 16:43 
Ten years ago, I was trying to finish this @WWE #RAW recap: @TheRock vs. Test & Stephanie, Christian debuts opera theme
10.9.11 16:04 
@VYou I checked him out - he had nothing! NOTHING! Did YOU check him out before you recommended him?
10.9.11 03:07 
I'm watching WWE SmackDown!
10.9.11 01:51 I finally made it onto Diaspora*! Let me know if you need an invite (Facebook friend of mine or tell me your email address)
10.9.11 01:30 If @NTASAlerts doesn't tweet THIS weekend, I may have to reconsider following them.
9.9.11 23:44 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
9.9.11 23:17 RT @adamfettes: If I order a medium drink and it doesn't fit my cup holder it ain't a medium anymore people
9.9.11 23:04 I'm watching The Late Show with David Letterman
9.9.11 22:58 
Listened to Negativland - Edited Special Edit Radio Mix - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
9.9.11 22:51 
Listened to Aswad - Shine
9.9.11 22:47 
Listened to Earth Wind & Fire - Takin' Chances
9.9.11 22:44 
Listened to Aquanote - Nowhere
9.9.11 21:37 
Saji Ya (Saint Paul, MN)
9.9.11 21:30 
Listened to James Brown - You've Got The Power
9.9.11 21:27 
Listened to Chris Simmonds - Newoldshit
9.9.11 21:23 
Listened to James Brown - Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto
9.9.11 21:20 
Listened to Information Society - Running (Acapella)
9.9.11 19:12 I'm listening to Sloan
9.9.11 19:10 I'm thinking about Nationwide Series
9.9.11 18:56 
Listened to Tortoise - Djed
9.9.11 18:48 
Listened to Wang Chung - Let's Go (Shep's Mix)
9.9.11 18:43 
"Have you ever done the Lambeau Leap in your living room while watching a game ?"
9.9.11 18:42 "how long would it be when dating your gf that you would feel relaxed enough to let ..."
9.9.11 18:39 
RT @theoriginaltime: #FF "Repeat The Tweet" I will BUY (we also mean PURCHASE) the new album from The Time this Fall 2011 - @theoriginaltime
9.9.11 18:20 
Listened to Lenny Kravitz - Let Love Rule 2009 (Justice Remix)
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