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26.9.11 16:06 No love for original (now retro) Taco? For shame!

The "Quest" Doritos were Mountain Dew flavor, right? That's a shudder memory.

Also, I feel like the X-13D and Late Night Cheeseburger were the same thing.

How do I know so much about this?!
(Best Week Ever: The 50 Most Delicious Doritos Flavors: From Disgusting To Cool Ranch)
26.9.11 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 16.85 ▲0.48 (Range: 16.04 - 16.88)
26.9.11 13:55 
My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2011-9-25)

1. Giorgio Moroder (32)
2. 808 State (25)
3. Propaganda (24)
4. The Orb (16)
5. Nero (14)

26.9.11 13:23 
Listened to Various Artists - The Art of the 12" (A Celebration of the Extended Remix)
26.9.11 12:38 
Coffee yes
26.9.11 12:36 
Listened to fDeluxe - Gaslight
26.9.11 12:33 
I still don't much care for dubstep, but I love this video:
26.9.11 11:14 
Listened to BT - Laptop Symphony 2011-09-24
26.9.11 10:45 
26.9.11 10:34 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
25.9.11 22:40 
I unlocked the Sunday Night Football: Steelers at Colts sticker!
25.9.11 20:07 I'm watching Family Guy
25.9.11 19:45 Ahhhhh Ric Flair on "The Cleveland Show!" It's like tonight's Animation Domination was made JUST FOR ME
25.9.11 19:38 I'm watching The Cleveland Show
25.9.11 19:21 
RT @realkevinkelly: @crz I agree. Prazak is terrific. HD is in the works #onestepatatime
25.9.11 19:16 
@realkevinkelly No offense to you and @McGuinnessNigel but there's gotta be some room on the show for @DavePrazak's headset. (Also, HD)
25.9.11 19:14 OMG possibly the funniest #simpsons second act in....since the glory years? Ever? SO great. BIG SMILEY :-D #internethyperbole
25.9.11 19:05 
Ha! They sure went! RT @adamfettes: @CRZ go Bears!
25.9.11 19:00 I'm watching The Simpsons
25.9.11 19:00 FINALLY we will find out what happens to NEDNA! #simpsons
25.9.11 18:37 I'm watching FOX NFL Sunday
25.9.11 18:37 I'm thinking about Chicago Bears
25.9.11 18:36 
I'm thinking about Green Bay Packers
25.9.11 17:47 
Ya know...I ALMOST pressed "Tweet" on that "starting to feel good about the #Packers' chances" tweet
25.9.11 17:09 @HackmanRSPW OK smart guy, tell me how to access my old tweets at LOC (you can't)
25.9.11 15:55 @PerkatPlay At this point, instead of #skolvikings, perhaps it would be better to trend #lolvikings?
25.9.11 15:46 Is that a hashtag yet @hansen9j? Let's make it one: #lolvikings (see, it rhymes with #skolvikings and...ah, never mind)
25.9.11 15:40 @Stareagle Never on Twitter, I'm sure!
25.9.11 15:36 
I mean, I think it's hilarious and enjoy that the #Vikings blew another one, but as a #Packers fan I'd really rather have had a #Lions loss
25.9.11 15:35 I'm trying to remember - didn't the #Vikings give up a field goal to try handing off on 4th down to...Gerhart? And they lost by 3? Right.
25.9.11 15:28 RT @TheOldLogo: What do the #Vikings do during halftime? Admire each others' packages?
25.9.11 14:55 Technically, a touchdown only ties the game when the team scoring the touchdown is down by 6. Just sayin'
25.9.11 13:13 
I'm thinking about Sylvania 300
25.9.11 12:55 So Mall of America Field only has 1 audio uplink - and it's ISDN - with a Nextel phone - so it may sound a little compressed #Vikings #noise
25.9.11 12:40 
For 2 weeks in a row, #Vikings home game coverage comes with vuvuzela-like background drone - do we blame Metrodome or FOX? #IwatchRedZone
25.9.11 12:34 
Just enjoying my first @DrPepper TEN (found it at the Midway Cub yesterday) - no's delicious!
25.9.11 12:24 2 liter bottle of Dr Pepper Ten
25.9.11 12:08 
I'm watching NFL RedZone
25.9.11 02:28 
I'm watching The McLaughlin Group
25.9.11 01:59 @Lord_Gow I'll pass on that challenge ;-)
25.9.11 01:35 
I'm watching The McLaughlin Group
25.9.11 01:31 I only tweeted six times in 2007 (on the other hand, I have now tweeted four times in the past 20 minutes)
25.9.11 01:29 Still keeping hope alive that some day you'll be able to go back and see ALL my old tweets - c'mon @Twitter! Get on that, already.
24.9.11 22:29 I unlocked the Saturday Night Live: Alec Baldwin and Radiohead sticker!
24.9.11 22:29 
I'm watching Saturday Night Live
24.9.11 22:00 I'm thinking about Ring of Honor
24.9.11 21:25 El Hijo del Santo y Blue Demon (photo)
24.9.11 21:03 
Aw, geez, @ringofhonor isn't airing in High Definition? To quote @BookerT5x, "You gotta be kidding me!" (cc: @realkevinkelly)
24.9.11 20:55 People are only tweeting about the #MidwestEmmys after they've won one (DISCLAIMER: I am not up for any Midwest far as I know)
24.9.11 20:36 @leaningcowboy Clearly you yearn for a simpler time [when it comes to professional wrestling]
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