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27.9.11 17:18 
I think the most intriguing thing about the Delicious reboot was that the username "CRZ" was available for me to register
27.9.11 17:16 
Listened to Lo Fidelity Allstars - Lazer Sheep Dip Funk
27.9.11 16:34 RT @ellieblades: Just noticed this...
27.9.11 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 17.15 ▲0.30 (Range: 17.04 - 17.42)
27.9.11 13:48 Google's hiding their "cache" links again. #grr
27.9.11 12:20 How...timely? RT @grumpymartian: Today's Secret Word is: Horological
27.9.11 12:17 
Just cracked open a box of "IN THE RAW" stevia extract - let's try this
27.9.11 11:20 
Listened to Various Artists - The Orb And Youth Present Impossible Oddities
27.9.11 11:02 
Listened to Finesse Parlay - s/t - get it free at Amazon MP3
27.9.11 10:35 Hey, how about them digital Dead Sea scrolls?
27.9.11 10:17 @abomb_mpls From the looks of 'em....bad and Georgian.
27.9.11 09:57 
Listened to Elektric Music - Esperanto
27.9.11 09:39 
27.9.11 09:35 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
27.9.11 09:19 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
26.9.11 23:37 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
26.9.11 23:23 
I'm watching The Late Show with David Letterman
26.9.11 22:45 Seeing that Cowboys mascot made me wonder where Crazy Ray was - well, he died in 2007:
26.9.11 21:47 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
26.9.11 21:22 
I'm surprised they didn't make Vickie the third partner - well, perhaps after this ad break... #RAW
26.9.11 21:15 
RT @ATolliver44: I have a feeling that tomorrow is gonna be a great day in the #NBALockout saga! #optimistTweet #NOHARDCAPTweet #imreadytoplayTweet
26.9.11 20:59 
Wrestling writers wasted many an hour before the invention of Wikipedia: #RAW
26.9.11 20:50 
Well... this battle between Mark Henry and Great Khali should definitely be something special. (Oops, never mind.) #RAW
26.9.11 20:46 
Are they trying to sync up the #RAW ad breaks with the football again? (Does that actually help them retain viewers?)
26.9.11 20:35 
See, what we just heard from Cole (which I won't repeat) is indication of @WWE self-awareness ruining the "trending on Twitter" experience
26.9.11 20:33 
@MinnesotaMunn Amazon lists them both as Motörhead - AND they did Evolution
26.9.11 20:23 
Dos Sin Caras is #RAW's tribute to "Fútbol Americano"
26.9.11 20:22 
@MinnesotaMunn It's actually called "The Game!" but they also did alternate entrance theme "King of Kings" - greatest entrance: ECW Sandman?
26.9.11 20:11 
Man it is CRAZY to see all these music-less entrances! Smark say: "Triple H is holding down entrance music!" #RAW
26.9.11 20:10 
Most awesome headline coming out of Ziggler/Jackman confrontation: #RAW #kayfabe
26.9.11 20:05 
HHH: "And I've prepared my very own special video look at what happened, complete with music and video effects!" #RAW
26.9.11 20:02 You said it, buddy! RT @BrianCardinal: Twitter
26.9.11 20:01 
I'm watching WWE Raw
26.9.11 19:42 Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar
26.9.11 19:40 I pressed the SAP button - IT DIDN'T WORK #mnf
26.9.11 19:36 
@EllieAsksWhy That's security; I'm storage - all I'm good for is the occasional NetBackup blog/forum post/TechNote/alert
26.9.11 19:31 
I'm watching Monday Night Football
26.9.11 19:16 Everybody! Everybody! Quick! Turn to ESPN so you don't miss "C'MON MAN!"
26.9.11 19:12 Fergus Falls man collects 3,000,000 pop tabs in 20+ years for Ronald McDonald House (Fergus Falls Journal) (photo)
26.9.11 19:06 @Seaners Was it was tweeting about Animation Domination three hours before the West coast airing that finally did it? ;-)
26.9.11 18:29 Instead of all these passive aggressive tweets (+ Instagrams) re @paulg at #ycnyc maybe someone should take a brave stand and start booing?
26.9.11 17:45 
Listened to Deadmau5 and Kaskade - I Remember (vocal mix)
26.9.11 17:30 
Listened to Nightosaur - Spare Swords
26.9.11 17:24 
Listened to Nightosaur - Spare Swords (demo)
26.9.11 16:56 
24 oz bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
26.9.11 16:32 
Listened to Nightosaur - Black Blood of the Earth
26.9.11 16:28 
"Whoa, you have a link to TEAVANA on! That's awesome, my fiancee and I love their stuff. What flavor(s) do you recommend?"
26.9.11 16:26 
"how are you going to feel next Sunday when my BRONCOS beat your packers at Lambeau ?"
26.9.11 16:24 
"You don't seem like much of a college sports fan. What makes pro sports more enjoyable to you? And why are you a Packers fan, anyway?"
26.9.11 16:21 
"Twitter is adding political ads to your stream- how do you feel about that?"
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