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9.10.11 21:27 
Ugh, first "promoted tweet" in my timeline...Dear @VerizonWireless, no number of paid tweets will get me to leave @TMobile for you
9.10.11 21:24 
We're only two field goals away!! #packers
9.10.11 19:39 
Speaking latest, @klout-worthiest "Jersey Shore" recap is right here: (sorry, forgot to plug earlier)
9.10.11 19:35 
I received +K in "Jersey Shore" from @grumpymartian! Thanks!
9.10.11 19:31 
I unlocked the Sunday Night Football: Packers at Falcons sticker!
9.10.11 19:10 I'm watching Football Night in America
9.10.11 18:41 I'm watching 60 Minutes
9.10.11 17:45 FOX hasn't updated their prime time schedule - with the #MLB rainout, I'm kinda hoping for the traditional "'Til Death" marathon
9.10.11 15:42 
9.10.11 15:30 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
9.10.11 13:14 
I'm thinking about Hollywood Casino 400
9.10.11 13:06 Moroccan Mint green
9.10.11 12:48 Don't get me wrong; I picked the #Vikings in my survival pool this week - yet I'm STILL wondering how they can blow this 28-0 lead
9.10.11 12:00 
I'm watching NFL RedZone
9.10.11 02:57 
I'm watching WWE SmackDown!
9.10.11 02:00 
3½ years ago, Andrew WK and "The McLaughlin Group" intersected... AND NOBODY TOLD ME.
9.10.11 01:12 
I'm watching The McLaughlin Group
8.10.11 22:36 I unlocked the Saturday Night Live: Ben Stiller and Foster the People sticker!
8.10.11 22:36 I'm watching Saturday Night Live
8.10.11 22:14 @davegatchell Oh! You non-Latin alphabet switched have from back!
8.10.11 21:04 I'm watching Ring of Honor Wrestling
8.10.11 20:14 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
8.10.11 20:12 I'm thinking about Bathurst 1000
8.10.11 17:46 
@PhilRippa Was it too many Lynx tweets?
8.10.11 16:03 Can of Heritage Dr Pepper
8.10.11 15:02 
Listening to Angela Cope's radio isn't as hot as I was hoping it would be @NASCAR_NNS
8.10.11 14:02 
I'm watching NASCAR Countdown
8.10.11 14:01 
I'm thinking about Kansas Lottery 300
8.10.11 13:31 
I'm watching Fox News Watch
8.10.11 13:09 I'm watching Journal Editorial Report
7.10.11 23:57 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
7.10.11 23:36 @TheKFV Premature post (and I didn't mean to tweet it) - for the update (you cannot be this bored)
7.10.11 23:34 I'm listening to Garland Jeffreys
7.10.11 23:28 By the time this season of "Jersey Shore" ends, I will have mastered the art of getting reblogged by every 15 and 16 year old girl on Tumblr
7.10.11 22:41 I'm watching The Late Show with David Letterman
7.10.11 21:49 RT @Leb13: Hey Minnesota, let's show Vancouver how to riot!!
7.10.11 21:48 
I'm thinking about Minnesota Lynx
7.10.11 21:24 
7.10.11 19:54 These dudes seem way too happy for only having won a Division Series
7.10.11 17:44 I'm watching NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
7.10.11 17:27 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
7.10.11 16:35 @dhm How much you think that mud goes for? (
7.10.11 16:23 
Listened to Felix Da Housecat - Ready 2 Wear (Paper Faces mix)
7.10.11 16:19 Hmm, last time I checked G+, Steve Jobs was alive. So was Sonoko's cat. I think I feel worse about Sonoko's cat than about Steve Jobs. Actually, the last time I checked G+, we hadn't even heard of that iPhone that wasn't an iPhone 5. This glimpse into my life has been brought to you by FRIDAY
7.10.11 16:09 
Listened to Röyksopp - Remind Me (Ernest St. Laurent's Moonfish mix)
7.10.11 16:01 Oh, look, some astrologers think they own all the historical time zone data in the world. (This news came as quite a shock to those of us on the tzdata mailing list!) (Slashdot)
7.10.11 15:57 
Listened to Akasha - Crazy Baby (Groove Armada's Presque Celebre mix)
7.10.11 15:53 
Listened to Mekon feat. Roxeanne Shanté - What's Going On?
7.10.11 15:46 
Listened to Central Living - Every Day (CP Remix)
7.10.11 15:39 
Listened to Jersey Street - Step into the Light (Weekender Mix)
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