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25.10.11 09:13 
Listened to Orbital - Never - get it free at SoundCloud
25.10.11 09:07 You're gonna enjoy going weeks at a time between logins! RT @Toast_Jr: There. Fine. I joined Google+
25.10.11 09:01 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
24.10.11 23:37 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
24.10.11 23:14 
I'm watching The Late Show with David Letterman
24.10.11 22:28 
Respect (photo)
24.10.11 22:19 
I'm watching Monday Night Football
24.10.11 22:18 
I'm thinking about World Series
24.10.11 22:15 Will probably never trend on Twitter due to level of difficulty: "Rzepczynski" #WS
24.10.11 22:10 
Sure hope all those "trending" graphics are applicable when this show airs on USA's Pacific feed - otherwise @WWE might look silly #RAW
24.10.11 22:07 
24.10.11 21:55 
I hope "handicap match" means Cena gets two additional partners #RAW
24.10.11 21:46 
Hey, remember when "Creatures of the Night" referred not to Muppets but to fans of The Undertaker? #RAW
24.10.11 21:38 
Every time they show this clip I expect to hear a bunch of clangy poles and every time I'm disappointed #RAW
24.10.11 21:36 
Damn, Nash has buried that sledgehammer into Triple H, like, TWENTY times tonight #RAW
24.10.11 20:50 
Golly! Can you just IMAGINE the FORTUNE @WWE must be making off of Twitter? #RAW
24.10.11 20:48 They're real to me, damn it RT @AKATheMaskedMan: Wait, you know Muppets aren't REAL, right?
24.10.11 20:42 
Sheamus is #greatwhite #RAW
24.10.11 20:36 
C'mon, WWE - give me a "Now Trending: The McRib" graphic!! #RAW #McRIB
24.10.11 20:21 
Look, I know this seems like a brutal attack and all, but at least Nash didn't let the ambulance start before ramming a semi into it #RAW
24.10.11 20:14 
"Clear!" #RAW #ShadesofNitro
24.10.11 20:07 
@AKATheMaskedMan Don't you mean Sean Waltman? (I'm pretty sure Shawn Waltman is an adult film star - no, wait)
24.10.11 20:04 
With any luck, wires will be crossed and we'll get a "Now Trending: #ONLYBLACKPEOPLESAY" graphic on #RAW
24.10.11 20:03 
Welcome to #RAW! The REAL most unbelievable thing from Vengeance were constant reminders of things trending on Twitter - & here we go again
24.10.11 20:01 
I'm watching WWE Raw
24.10.11 19:05 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
24.10.11 19:05 I'm watching Monday Night Countdown
24.10.11 17:31 I'm watching NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
24.10.11 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.63 ▲0.21 (Range: 18.44 - 18.82)
24.10.11 14:53 
Golden McRib, you say? Go on... (graphic)
24.10.11 14:22 
Listened to Various Artists - Chilled
24.10.11 14:08 
Listened to Nightosaur - Spare Swords (demo)
24.10.11 13:44 
Listened to Grace Jones - Pull Up to the Bumper (12")
24.10.11 12:36 
Listened to Will to Power - Fading Away
24.10.11 11:30 
24.10.11 09:56 
Listened to Justice - Audio, Video, Disco
24.10.11 09:51 
Listened to Gus Gus - Demo 113 V02 (ats)
24.10.11 08:10 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
23.10.11 23:55 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
23.10.11 22:23 
We Hate Cena / Rise Above Hate (photo)
23.10.11 22:00 
I'm thinking about World Series
23.10.11 21:32 
RT @AKATheMaskedMan: To be clear, I'd never wear that Cena shirt, but I'd never wear it less than all the other Cena shirts. #Vengeance #IWantWrestling
23.10.11 21:18 
Lesnar/Show superplex spot took place on the 6/12/03 SD! (by the seven year rule, it's OK to recycle it) but same NC finish? #uncreative
23.10.11 20:27 
I unlocked the Sunday Night Football: Colts at Saints sticker!
23.10.11 18:20 Why am I talking to a fictional football robot?
23.10.11 18:15 
@sabres916 Thanks! I tweet about #RAW now, but I DID just complete a season of "Jersey Shore" recapping
23.10.11 18:09 @grumpymartian SO how much battery acid did you end up putting in it?
23.10.11 18:04 
They don't win, either #gopackgo RT @MayorRTRybak: The new #Vikes don't fold in 2ndhalf
23.10.11 17:25 Well...I'll grant that your spelling is kinda funy RT @CLEATUSonFOX: And waaaaaayyyyyy funier. @CRZ
23.10.11 17:06 In 2011, we live in a world where @CLEATUSonFOX has 10x the followers that I do. (To his credit, he seems more interactive than I)
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