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30.9.11 11:01 
RT @Mixmag: Nu metal godfathers Korn in dubstep album shocker:
28.9.11 11:28 
Listened to Cotti - Cotti MixMag Mix 2011 - get it free from Mixmag
4.8.11 11:32 
RT @Mixmag: We're giving away an EXCLUSIVE track by @LaidbackLuke and @Example for free. Download it right here:
2.3.11 11:49 
RT @Mixmag: #daftpunk 'Tron: Legacy' soundtrack is getting #R3CONFIGUR3D check mixmag for the full tracklisting
14.1.11 21:59 
Finally got my January @Mixmag...but not my December one. I think Royal Post hates me...or America
15.11.09 13:19 
Finally getting round to ripping 18 months' worth of @Mixmag CDs (btw #DJHRMIX Two CDs of unreleased tracks by Eminem and Jay-Z)
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