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22.11.11 09:40 
Vince Clarke + Martin Gore = happy CRZ ears RT @Mixmag: Depeche Mode announce new techno project called VCMG:
22.11.11 09:30 I see @Twitter is in its second day of screwy URL wrapper behaviour without them saying a word about it, or when it might be resolved
22.11.11 09:28 
RT @PINKMINKmpls: We're playing @theemptybottle in #Chicago tonight! It's free if you email Please RT!
22.11.11 08:44 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
22.11.11 00:31 Whoa, I got 15 retweets on the Hill/Brodus thing...I think that's a record for me! And yet... I have no more money than I did an hour ago
21.11.11 23:44 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
21.11.11 23:08 
I'm watching The Late Show with David Letterman
21.11.11 22:50 
.@JonahHill Allen Gregory's fast natl demo was a 1.9/you haven't tweeted today/weren't on #RAW. Are you alive/OK? Should I light a candle?
21.11.11 22:34 
I'm watching Monday Night Football
21.11.11 22:06 
Well, I hope wherever Jonah Hill and Brodus Clay are... they're together and they're happy together.
21.11.11 22:05 
21.11.11 22:04 
Someone should tell former NWA World Champion @RonKillings how this worked so well for Alex Riley #RAW
21.11.11 21:58 
Interesting that they won't graphically interrupt Cena's main event promo with trending topics (and by "interesting" I mean "eh") #RAW
21.11.11 21:53 
(Still holding out hope that Brodus Clay debuts by squashing Cena) #RAW
21.11.11 21:52 
21.11.11 21:45 
@eastcoast_joe You gotta be KIDDING me
21.11.11 21:03 
Surprised that @WWE didn't try to brand their new "social" page with a 1999ish, trademarkable misspelling like "InterrAktionz"
21.11.11 20:54 
RT @DublDownDrew: @CRZ Maybe Jonah Hill was worried they'd take his Call of Duty commercials seriously and ask him to try to kick some ass
21.11.11 20:54 
RT @carlosthedwarf_: @CRZ probably being held back for a better town like Brodus was
21.11.11 20:51 
Hey did Jonah Hill back out? Seems like his name should have been mentioned a couple hundred times by now but I haven't heard it once #RAW
21.11.11 20:48 
Oh no...Cody Rhodes is chortling again #RAW
21.11.11 20:42 
Nice to see @RealKevinNash rocking his own personal tribute to Randy Savage tonight #RAW #oohyeah
21.11.11 20:37 
Funny - that video says something will begin 1/2/12 - but I thought that was the 10th Anniversary of @The_W! #RAW #itbegins2012
21.11.11 20:33 
Nice of Sheamus + Swagger to rest hold it up just long enough for us to watch @WWE's latest viral video: #RAW
21.11.11 20:30 
Here's Sheamus! His trunks say "LAOCH" - an ancient Gaelic word meaning "I also can't believe this is CRZ's 7000th tweet" #RAW
21.11.11 20:22 
I feel like there has been at least 1 other petition in the entire history of the Internet which has been signed more than @ZackRyder's #RAW
21.11.11 20:03 
And we kick off #RAW with @CMPunk out, wearing the WWE Championship around his waist, as if it were a... belt
21.11.11 20:00 
I'm watching WWE Raw
21.11.11 18:46 I'm watching Monday Night Countdown
21.11.11 17:55 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
21.11.11 17:50 I'm watching NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
21.11.11 17:27 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
21.11.11 16:56 
Photo: Via @sbnation, YOUR up-to-date NBA Northwest Division standings! #twolves
21.11.11 15:06 
Listened to Fatboy Slim - Signature Series, Vol. 1: Greatest Remixes
21.11.11 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 15.82 ▼0.37 (Range: 15.69 - 16.05)
21.11.11 13:29 Dear @Twitter: please FIX your URL shortener nobody asked for and nobody but you can (maybe) control - or DISABLE it. Thanks. Luv, @CRZ
21.11.11 12:45 
Listened to 808 State - ex:el (Deluxe Edition)
21.11.11 11:41 
Day 21! Nearly 8,300 men will get testicular cancer in the US this year. Please support my #Movember efforts:
21.11.11 10:56 
Listened to Justice - †
21.11.11 10:19 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
20.11.11 22:56 Don't feel bad - I used to misspell "Anaconda Vise" all the time, too.
20.11.11 22:55 
@JayJayDean Are you surprised? This is the "Nothing Beats First Place" network!
20.11.11 20:36 
What a smart, savvy group of chanting idiots in MSG tonight! Although...are @WWE crowd chants any different from #WWE trending topics?
20.11.11 20:30 
I unlocked the Sunday Night Football: Eagles at Giants sticker!
20.11.11 19:15 
Well, shows what I know. Congrats Smoke! #NASCAR
20.11.11 18:17 
I am utterly baffled by the Stewart strategery here. #NASCAR
20.11.11 18:04 
It must be killing @JohnCena to have to be at Survivor Series instead of supporting his best friend Carl Edwards during his Championship run
20.11.11 15:05 
20.11.11 14:14 
I may hold over 100 Guruships on @GetGlue...but I wouldn't say I'm addicted or anything. I just like fixing logos.
20.11.11 14:09 
I'm thinking about Ford 400
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