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5.12.11 13:44 
Oh man, I LOVED "The Newsroom!"

Wait. This ISN'T a remake of Ken Finkelman's hilarious CBC series?

They probably should have picked a different name, then.
( TVNewser - Aaron Sorkin’s HBO Cable News Series To Be Called ‘Newsroom’)
5.12.11 12:53 
Listened to Tilmann - Gus Gus Mix Play it load
5.12.11 12:46 
5.12.11 11:57 RT @ninaksimon: Birds exploding from a museum doorway... looks incredible. If you are in Seattle, go enjoy!
5.12.11 11:26 
RT @BackoftheHead: 7 years ago today: @trishstratuscom v. @AmyDumas main event @WWE #RAW. History made. Greatest Divas match of all-time.
5.12.11 11:04 
Listened to Tilmann - Mixmeister Gus Gus Wah
5.12.11 10:54 @davehogg Are you still taking suggestions? I endorse TweetDeck
5.12.11 10:06 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
5.12.11 09:48 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
5.12.11 09:42 
My Top 5 Artists (Week Ending 2011-12-4)

1. Fortran 5 (32)
2. I Start Counting (25)
3. The Egg (20)
4. Komputer (17)
5. The Black Dog (13)

4.12.11 23:00 
RT @BrianKez29: Hey, i'll drive the #22. Be the first brother teamates in a long time. Keep all in the family and from detroit.
4.12.11 22:49 
I admire your timeliness, NFL Shop...but I don't buy "Champion" merchandise until the Packers are Conference champs (see you in January?)
4.12.11 22:05 
I'm not sure what's more personally annoying: that Wendy's is pushing a burger called @The_W, or that Honda is selling a car named after me
4.12.11 21:49 Hey! It's Ramon Humber! I work with his dad! (Also, Collinsworth is totally botching the pronunciation of his name!) #saints
4.12.11 21:17 
I unlocked the Sunday Night Football: Lions at Saints sticker!
4.12.11 20:33 I'm watching The Cleveland Show
4.12.11 20:09 I'm watching Family Guy
4.12.11 19:37 I'm watching Allen Gregory
4.12.11 19:27 @MarcElusive Someone else will have to create THAT graphic
4.12.11 19:17 
Enough said? #packers
4.12.11 19:10 I'm watching The Simpsons
4.12.11 18:47 
I'm watching FOX NFL Sunday
4.12.11 18:46 
@Stareagle Just remember: Packers 27, Lions 15
4.12.11 18:44 Can of Dr Pepper TEN
4.12.11 16:15 
If I were @kevinlove's publicist, I might ask him to think twice about publicly following @iLikeGirlsDaily given Twitter's "Activity" stream
4.12.11 16:03 
Buck and Aikman seem almost despondent - on the plus side, FOX is duly providing custom replays for the #manningface aficionados
4.12.11 16:01 
YEAH BABY ANOTHER WEEK ANOTHER @ClayMatthews52 I-N-T #picksix #gopackgo
4.12.11 15:48 
I love you Sheila, but you're wrong. (And biased.) #gopackgo RT @SheilaEdrummer: that should be a touchdown for NY
4.12.11 15:38 
@TheKFV @HackmanRSPW Final Resolution is NEXT Sunday
4.12.11 15:14 
@SteveKrak Unfair to blame FOX for NFL's rules (just watch the Red Zone channel)
4.12.11 14:59 Can of Dr Pepper TEN
4.12.11 14:47 
Tebow, Tebow, Tebow. I wish it were time for the #Packers game!
4.12.11 14:21 
Did you miss @theoriginal7ven cramming 4 songs into 5 minutes to open the Soul Train Awards? Quick, click: #TRENDIN
4.12.11 12:01 
I'm watching NFL RedZone
4.12.11 02:21 
I'm thinking about Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
4.12.11 02:20 I'm thinking about Galavisión
4.12.11 00:11 @grumpymartian C'mon, you gotta link us stuff like that!
3.12.11 22:38 I'm watching Saturday Night Live
3.12.11 19:36 
3.12.11 17:56 Many refills to come!
3.12.11 17:53 Peking Garden (Saint Paul, MN)
3.12.11 17:13 
Aveda Institute Minneapolis (Minneapolis, MN)
3.12.11 16:59 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
3.12.11 16:54 
Spire Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
3.12.11 16:01 It's snowing and my new cop coat hasn't arrived yet and even though my old raincoat is expertly patched with black duct tape, I didn't want to wear it anymore so perhaps I will just wear my flannel when I go out instead. In short, this is what people share on Facebook and don't you wish you'd deleted your account years ago? (Also, I want to Photoshop my head onto that coat!) (graphic)
3.12.11 15:29 
Yes, snow has begun in Southeast. #mspwx
3.12.11 14:38 Can of Heritage Dr Pepper
3.12.11 14:35 
I'm watching Fox News Watch
3.12.11 14:27 I'm watching Journal Editorial Report
2.12.11 23:43 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
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