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24.1.12 13:29 
Charming - autocorrected "John Osborn" to "Joan Osborne"
24.1.12 13:29 
Listened to John Osborn - PH23! John Osborn - get this 50 minute mix free at SoundCloud
24.1.12 13:20 
Listened to Gus Gus - Hold You (Simple 16 V34) at SoundCloud
24.1.12 13:17 
Listened to Saint Etienne - Tonight - get it free at!
24.1.12 11:26 
24.1.12 10:24 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
24.1.12 10:11 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
23.1.12 22:53 
Ran out of time to post this video earlier: (If I had known how bad the game was gonna be, I would have run late!)
23.1.12 22:48 
I'm watching WWE Raw
23.1.12 21:51 
Chalupa me - Taco Bell - Minnehaha (Minneapolis, MN)
23.1.12 18:53 
LET'S GO #TWOLVES - beat McHale! (@ Target Center for Houston Rockets vs. Minnesota Timberwolves w/ 56 others)
23.1.12 18:53 
LET'S GO #TWOLVES - beat McHale! - Houston Rockets vs. Minnesota Timberwolves - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
23.1.12 18:51 
I only see eight #twolves warming up...where's Randolph?
23.1.12 17:38 ATTENTION MESSAGE BOARD COMMENTERS: Intentional misspellings are not profound editorial stances - they just make you look like an idiot.
23.1.12 15:09 
Listened to Various Artists - Ninthwave Records Presents Electropop 2012 - get it free at Amazon MP3
23.1.12 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 16.79 UNCH (Range: 16.72 - 16.99)
23.1.12 14:45 
23.1.12 14:16 
An awesome group of HQ photos - Love's game winner vs. the #Clippers via @AddThis (#Wolves Nation via @alex_cono)
23.1.12 14:04 
Listened to Dave Tompkins - Get That Chestnut From The Grave - download this 61:47 mix here
23.1.12 11:51 RT @PerkatPlay: Happy Chinese New Year! #yearofthedragon 新年快乐
23.1.12 11:27 
23.1.12 10:11 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
23.1.12 01:18 Keith seems lonely. (He also seems like he has a "type.")

Careful, Keith!
23.1.12 01:13 An inordinate number of my new followers "need a date for thi‌s weeke‌nd." I hope fun‌ny guys‌ are adding and messa‌ging them!
23.1.12 00:50 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
22.1.12 21:18 So according to the new playoff overtime rules...this is just like every playoff overtime gave ever. Gotcha. ✔
22.1.12 21:10 I haven't been paying attention. Is Papa John's pizza and Pepsi Max on the line for this coin toss, too?
22.1.12 20:26 Well, @depression has ~8800 more followers than me - on the other hand, they're DEPRESSION
22.1.12 20:12 
Three faces (photo)
22.1.12 19:44 Can of Heritage Dr Pepper
22.1.12 18:40 RT @ATolliver44: Tom Brady has so much swaaag...talkin ish to Ray Lewis! Do u realize he has killed somebody!?! Lol
22.1.12 17:34 
I'm watching NFC Championship Game
22.1.12 17:24 Guess which political party called the house asking for "D"onations *right* as the Ravens were setting up for the field goal? (I failed to ask, "dude, are you aware there is an AMERICAN Conference Championship game currently being played?")
22.1.12 14:52 RT @Omaholic: Awesome! NFL game blocked on streaming US radio stations but found it on BBC 5.
22.1.12 14:33 
Hey, have you heard about the MN maker of Rick Santorum sweater vests? "Bemidji full well knows the power of the vest."
22.1.12 14:29 
I'm watching AFC Championship Game
22.1.12 14:18 
I know you all hate Ron Paul, but I hope you can look past that as he's the one actually doing something about trying to get NDAA sec. 1021 repealed. If you believe the Bill of Rights shouldn't be suspended for Americans on American soil just because the government claims "terrorism," please let your Representative know you support HR3785! Bill text (not very descriptive) at
22.1.12 13:53 To his credit, Jim Rome > E*TRADE Baby (slightly)
22.1.12 13:44 Maybe I'm too old and out of it, but what sort of expertise exactly does Jim Rome bring to CBS?
22.1.12 13:33 I'm watching NFL on CBS
22.1.12 04:57 
I'm watching The McLaughlin Group
22.1.12 03:47 
I'm watching The McLaughlin Group
21.1.12 23:54 Guys, I think I'm over Will Arnett voiceovers.
21.1.12 23:04 I'm watching Saturday Night Live
21.1.12 21:19 
I unlocked the An Idiot Abroad: Desert Island sticker on @GetGlue!
21.1.12 21:19 I unlocked the An Idiot Abroad: Desert Island sticker!
21.1.12 21:19 I'm watching An Idiot Abroad
21.1.12 20:31 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
21.1.12 18:21 Ha - timing is a little off on those pro #SOPA / #PIPA ads during the #CNNElection coverage
21.1.12 18:05 I'm watching CNN America's Choice 2012: The South Carolina Primary
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