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1.2.12 10:44 
1.2.12 10:23 RIP Don Cornelius :(
1.2.12 10:03 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
1.2.12 01:00 Happy 7th birthday to Solaris 10!
1.2.12 00:00 
Why retweet @AaronRodgers12 in the first place? Man has half a million followers - everyone you know is ALREADY following him
31.1.12 23:59 
Man, @AaronRodgers12 gets 250 retweets in five minutes - clearly people were starved for tweets from the man
31.1.12 23:37 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
31.1.12 23:34 I'm listening to Girls' Generation
31.1.12 22:57 I'm watching The Late Show with David Letterman
31.1.12 21:59 
Here's the whole 22'44" @Gusgus_Official KEX Hostel concert in one shot: (Selfoss + Arabian Horse + Over) THANKS @kexp!
31.1.12 20:40 
McDonald's (Minneapolis, MN)
31.1.12 20:01 
On sale? Surely this is a sign!
31.1.12 19:56 
Rainbow Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
31.1.12 19:32 
I start with this Kraftwerk beat, see, and then...well, it just goes downhill from there:
31.1.12 18:16 
Listened to Justice - Genesis
31.1.12 18:14 24 oz bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
31.1.12 16:52 
Listened to Various Artists - ioda SXSW Opening Day Bash Sampler 2012 - get it free at Amazon MP3 (be sure to use the individual track "FREE" links and not the $5.99 album link!!)
31.1.12 16:48 
RT @Twolves_PR: #Twolves have unveiled a Spanish-language webpage at
31.1.12 15:49 
Listened to gusgus - Over
31.1.12 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 17.19 ▲0.16 (Range: 16.87 - 17.23)
31.1.12 13:54 
Listened to Hashmoder - Burning Passions Part-2 - get it at SoundCloud
31.1.12 13:50 
31.1.12 13:08 
Listened to Hashmoder - Burning Passions Part 1 - get it at SoundCloud
31.1.12 12:48 
That's the goood stuff - @Gusgus_Official live from Iceland Aiwaves '11 on KEXP: Selfoss + Over
31.1.12 11:01 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
31.1.12 10:49 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
31.1.12 00:17 
Last place in the Northwest Division, the #twolves (.476) would be % points ahead of Boston (.474) for 2nd if they were in Atlantic Division
30.1.12 23:37 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
30.1.12 22:50 
I didn't see it in my twitstream, but upon further review, Ace has been texting 'Take all this time, right? #RAW
30.1.12 22:16 
Quick, make lightning strike him! #RAW
30.1.12 22:15 
30.1.12 22:13 
@AKATheMaskedMan Maybe it's Shawn Michaels
30.1.12 22:12 
30.1.12 22:10 
RT @thecubsfan: why are they cheering? // It's almost over
30.1.12 22:09 
Uh oh, the Cole chuckle - that's the kiss of death right there #RAW
30.1.12 22:07 
Wow, they usually don't show the trending topics during the main event interview! (But Triple H is SPECIAL) #RAW
30.1.12 21:53 
C'mon, Cena - you gotta AA *somebody* through the announce table...Cole is RIGHT THERE. #RAW
30.1.12 21:48 
Oh, so Kane's just trying to help Cena out for his big WrestleMania match! That makes PERFECT sense! #RAW
30.1.12 21:45 
Who IS that women with that oversized metal and leather prop? She looks so familiar! #RAW
30.1.12 21:41 
Commentators destroy 30 day rule - and #kayfabe - by saying champs coming outta Elimination Chamber will defend at 'Mania 42 days later #RAW
30.1.12 21:37 
Ha! To think you suckers PAID to watch this @TheRock clip last night while I'M getting it NOW for FREEEEEEEEEE #RAW
30.1.12 21:36 
I hope one day I'm famous enough to get a sub-5 character Facebook wall shortcut name like @JohnCena #RAW
30.1.12 21:33 
So many unworthy trending topics surround #RAW - yet #TravelCoffeeMug is RIGHT THERE.
30.1.12 21:24 
The reason @TrueKofi is wearing "Riddler" tights is because he doesn't know where @findevan is #RAW
30.1.12 21:20 
@Lord_Gow When the website is in Hebrew, we'll talk.
30.1.12 21:19 
Not one shot of Tyson's pigeons? Must I do EVERYTHING around here? #RAW #TakingonTyson
30.1.12 21:10 
Others imagine 1 woman's face on another woman's body; I think about this match called by @realkevinkelly and @McGuinnessNigel #RAW #findROH
30.1.12 21:05 
Shoot, as soon as I press "Tweet" they take an ad break #RAW
30.1.12 21:04 
This is an interesting @WWE experiment: will a segment of nothing but wrestling pop the ratings? (They HAVE tried seemingly everything else)
30.1.12 20:57 
HEY remember when these two came down through the crowd and they posted that twitpic of all the champs and how nothing ever changes? #RAW
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