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20.3.12 12:28 
RT @Mixmag: The new DJ-Kicks comp mixed by @Photek can now be heard over on our music blog. @K7records
20.3.12 10:47 
20.3.12 10:16 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
20.3.12 01:04 You don't understand! The BLANKETS have SLEEVES!
20.3.12 00:48 I'm watching Inside the NBA
19.3.12 23:10 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
19.3.12 22:20 I'm thinking about Golden State Warriors
19.3.12 22:19 
I'm thinking about Minnesota Timberwolves
19.3.12 22:14 
Last #RAW "main event" match was the 10 man Battle Royal on 2/20 - since then it's been Rock/Cena, Rock/Cena, Rock, and HBK/HHH/Take tonight
19.3.12 22:09 
"Oh, you need me to smirk for 5 more seconds? All right..." #RAW
19.3.12 22:06 
Take is gonna add a hair vs. hair stipulation - I can FEEL it! #RAW
19.3.12 22:02 
Ah, so that was Shane Douglas! He really went out with a ...chant. #RAW @DublDownDrew
19.3.12 21:51 
Feels like it's been many a week since we had a #RAW "main event" which was an actual match as opposed to somebody yakkin'
19.3.12 21:47 
Triple H loses style points for failing to roll his eyes back in his head on the pin #RAW
19.3.12 21:41 
Always so easy to tell whenever Cole is reading off a piece of paper & not watching the match (which, by the way, is NOT a good thing) #RAW
19.3.12 21:34 know if he didn't tell me what his name was EVERY TIME HE SPOKE I would SURELY forget it #RAW #MynameisCRZ
19.3.12 21:32 
OLD SCHOOL interview! We anxiously await the run-in. #RAW
19.3.12 21:25 
Oh, wait, I meant the *World* Championship match - yes, I can still tell them apart #RAW
19.3.12 21:24 
Well, at least both the guys in the WWE Championship match went over clean tonight...I guess? #RAW
19.3.12 21:15 @KevinMarshall Thanks - I'm barely paying attention. Say...since you're here, could you send me an email to reply to? Have a dumb question
19.3.12 21:00 
POINTS TO SIGN COUNT: 1? It's almost a surprise to see someone doing it now so I may have missed one earlier #RAW
19.3.12 20:56 @kwatt Too much Apple vs. Dell, not enough about the Sears snow pile
19.3.12 20:42 
Man, nice product placement for "Van Gogh Up Close" in Rock's promo! #RAW
19.3.12 20:39 
Oh,'s some guy called LORD TENSAI. Who the hell is THAT? He's not Hakushi! Screw him! #RAW
19.3.12 20:38 
19.3.12 20:22 
Thank God the bolt cutters guy was nearby! #RAW
19.3.12 20:13 
See, that documentary they just advertised actually feels like a better way to make use of a third hour of #RAW
19.3.12 20:12 
19.3.12 20:07 I unlocked the WWE Raw: Zack Ryder sticker!
19.3.12 20:07 
I'm watching WWE Raw
19.3.12 19:45 Lights flickering - hatches battened. They weren't kidding about that wind! #55414 #mspwx
19.3.12 19:33 I'm watching NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
19.3.12 19:14 Hey - the weather radio still works! Also, oh no, damaging winds ahoy! #mspwx
19.3.12 18:14 
Oops...I've been here all day - Symantec (Roseville, MN)
19.3.12 17:58 
19.3.12 17:30 
24 oz bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
19.3.12 16:26 
Listened to deadmau5 - Maths (Original Mix)
19.3.12 16:02 NOTE TO SELF: Archive EVERY photo on this page without drooling:
19.3.12 15:28 
Listened to Scuba - Personality
19.3.12 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.32 ▲0.15 (Range: 18.10 - 18.47)
19.3.12 14:59 
Listened to SBTRKT f/ Sampha - Hold On
19.3.12 14:23 
Listened to Nero - Must Be The Feeling
19.3.12 14:17 
Listened to M83 - Midnight City (Eric Prydz Private Remix)
19.3.12 13:54 
Listened to M83 - Midnight City
19.3.12 13:27 RT @dhm: @CRZ I love how the second paragraph focuses on the real victim in the accident, CBS 3's midday talk show.
19.3.12 13:23 
19.3.12 13:13 
CBS Philly needs to learn how to update their top article when their "source" does (Hi @dhm!)
19.3.12 13:12 By next year, I should have enough material to put together a bracket of brackets of brackets #recursion #meta #metarial
19.3.12 12:55 @davefinton WTG Dove
19.3.12 12:38 
Listened to Groovy Louis - Groovy Louis - Live Set - Tribute to Tom Middleton - listen to it for free at PodOmatic
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