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1.5.12 10:52 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
30.4.12 23:12 @OOWrestling I have to think that ten years ago I could have gotten you far more than seven ;-)
30.4.12 23:11 RT @OOWrestling: Whoa: 7 new followers in one night? I thought it might have to do with RAW being in Dayton. Nope: @CRZ did it. #seeyouagainin4monthssuckers
30.4.12 23:02 
RT @HOT_at_The_W: HOT NOW! RAW Supershow #989 4/30/12 | WWE RAW SuperShow
30.4.12 22:12 
RT @thecubsfan: Yea, Cena's arm is hurt, but I think Johnny might have broken Michael Cole's heart.
30.4.12 22:09 
Ah, even better. #RAW #goodnight
30.4.12 22:06 
"Hey, HERE'S a guy who they might boo even more than me!" #RAW
30.4.12 22:05 
We're gonna WISH it was Zeus... #RAW
30.4.12 21:54 
That sound you heard was a million smarks just breaking their piggybanks to purchase "Over the Limit" #RAW
30.4.12 21:51 
WHOA - okay, if EITHER of these guys wins I would be cool with it. Watch out for that dropkick! #RAW
30.4.12 21:47 @MickLenny I've tried that before - it doesn't flow as well as you'd think. ;-)
30.4.12 21:46 @SliderUStink_ Nope - I'm pretty much "tweets only" now. But I do run a message board at - come on over!
30.4.12 21:45 
Why a "No Contest?" Why not a "time limit draw?" (Man, I love these big man matches. Mostly because I'm the only one who does!) #RAW
30.4.12 21:43 
30.4.12 21:34 
I dunno...if I were @thebellatwins, I wouldn't be retweeting all these tweets about them being fired. (Except this one.) #ByeByeBellas #RAW
30.4.12 21:32 
Oh, right, ladies and gentlemen, new champions, yadda yadda yadda THE RICK WAS ON TWITTER ONCE #RAW
30.4.12 21:32 Guys, there IS a "The Rick" @OOWrestling but he appears very inactive. Let's all follow him and see if he comes back!
30.4.12 21:28 Sadly, no. (I think.) ! RT @SliderUStink_: @CRZ is The Rick on twitter? Loved Online Onslaught back in the day.
30.4.12 21:27 But seriously, it may be marginally interesting to see if they hang onto the Twitter acct w/ @thebellatwins handle #independentcontractors
30.4.12 21:26 
BREAKING NEWS: Bellas engage in time-honoured tradition; job in 11 seconds on their way out #RAW
30.4.12 21:23 
RT @luchablog: Announced on Mex Raw broadcast, part of WWE May Tour. RT @Superluchas: Confirmado Sin Cara regresa al ring en México
30.4.12 21:22 
Guys - Primo y Epico in the most Loco move of the night? Really? #RAW
30.4.12 21:13 Oh, #rangers.
30.4.12 21:12 
Tonight's Beat the Clock Challenge matches still feature ad breaks, but they all have to take place between entrances #RAW
30.4.12 21:10 
Actually, there's a joke in here somewhere. "Who's more powerful than John Laurinaitis?" "Triple H?" "No...Jennifer Hudson." #RAW
30.4.12 21:08 
.@thecubsfan If he can't face Lesnar, he might as well face Cena - I mean, Tensai - no, wait, I mean Cena! #RAW
30.4.12 21:07 
Eve is ALMOST making me miss David Otunga. ("Who?") Remember Otunga? Carried a #travelcoffeemug? ("Sucking up again, aren't you?")
30.4.12 21:05 
Those glasses sure make Eve's rack look spectacular! #RAW (Aw, crap, she made the "eyes up here" crack before I finished this tweet)
30.4.12 21:00 @AKATheMaskedMan Was what you saw the very beginning, by chance? Thunder tradition is to stand from tipoff until the first home team bucket
30.4.12 20:58 @AKATheMaskedMan My bad! I'm flipping between this and the hallowed halls of MSG for hockey
30.4.12 20:56 
Ha! @JTG1284 just earned a 9 on the Curt Hawkins skeptiClaysm meter #RAW
30.4.12 20:54 
So really, they just told us that neither Jericho nor Miz was meant to make it to the end - not that we couldn't figure that out anyway #RAW
30.4.12 20:53 @AKATheMaskedMan They're in Dayton (home of Rick Scaia!)
30.4.12 20:50 
Oops, Black Ref just got future endeavoured for blowing the time cue #RAW
30.4.12 20:49 
I never noticed that Show sets up his AHHTHEWMD hand motion with a modified AHHHTHECHOKESLAAAAAM hand motion #RAW
30.4.12 20:47 
.@KevinMarshall I have to confess that until now I didn't know how un-TV-PG those lyrics were! #nasty #wetdream #kittykat #etc #RAW
30.4.12 20:43 
Our official time on that match was 11 seconds. So Bryan Daniels lasted a bit longer. Here's Layla's old theme! #RAW
30.4.12 20:38 
We'll go back and check for an official time on that match but Layla may have beaten the clock #RAW
30.4.12 20:31 
Well....we shouldn't have to worry about ad breaks in the middle of any of the OTHER Beat the Clock Challenge matches tonight #RAW
30.4.12 20:29 
For comparison purposes, Wikipedia lists LAST night's Miz/Marella match at 4'40" #RAW
30.4.12 20:28 
Kudos to @WWE for scheduling some "Beat the Clock" matches where *either* man can advance #RAW
30.4.12 20:26 @thecubsfan Well, let's just say I think one of those two omissions was intentional
30.4.12 20:24 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
30.4.12 20:23 
Now, Triple H tapped, right? Interesting how our camera angle never actually SHOWS that #RAW
30.4.12 20:18 
Man, don't let R-TRUTH hold your broken arm - that dude is CRAZY #RAW
30.4.12 20:17 
Ooh, the TIE WEARING Security!! #RAW
30.4.12 20:13 
30.4.12 20:12 
Triple H was super shrewd to wait until AFTER the big-money PPV main event to tell Brock he wasn't getting any of that stuff! #RAW
30.4.12 20:11 @thecubsfan @KevinMarshall Guys, I only transcribe the graphics I am dealt. Ask me the difference between a backslash and a slash, though!
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