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16.5.12 07:53 
16.5.12 07:39 
Symantec (Roseville, MN) (Building 2)
16.5.12 00:19 
Seven years ago tonight, @CMPunk faced @freetarian on "Sunday Night Heat:" (it's on YouTube...but the sound is AWFUL)
15.5.12 23:25 I'm watching Inside the NBA
15.5.12 23:00 They repainted the stripes on Cleveland!!!!
15.5.12 22:45 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
15.5.12 20:21 
I'm watching NBA on TNT
15.5.12 19:42 
$3.719/g - BP (Roseville, MN)
15.5.12 19:11 
And it feels like I am just too close to love putting 3rd party content in a video - it's CRZ 089:
15.5.12 18:32 
Man, I dunno - I try to associate Libertarians with better soundtracks. (YouTube video)
15.5.12 17:32 
24 oz bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
15.5.12 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 15.35 ▲0.12 (Range: 15.14 - 15.63)
15.5.12 14:15 
Other sites get "slashdotted" - @The_W gets "KeithScotted"
15.5.12 12:34 
15.5.12 12:33 
15.5.12 11:24 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
15.5.12 11:11 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
15.5.12 01:49 
Think case doesn't matter? Try (what was on screen) vs. (what actually works) @CraigyFerg
15.5.12 01:18 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
15.5.12 01:03 
This Ricky Rubio HORSE shot went under the radar (probably because it needs to be rotated 90°)
14.5.12 23:25 I'm watching Inside the NBA
14.5.12 22:20 Yeah, Reggie, Kobe LOVES being down by 31 and counting. Gimme a break. #thunder @NBAonTNT
14.5.12 22:16 HOLY CATS A 27 POINT LEAD?! #thunder
14.5.12 22:16 
And so ended the main event segment featuring Gavin Cena and Garrison Laurinaitis - and this episode of #RAW - g'night
14.5.12 22:15 I'm sorry, but if nobody says "You sank my battleship!" during this ad, there is NO WAY I'm going to see this movie #BATTLESHIP
14.5.12 22:12 
A one on one match! I've never heard of such a gimmick! #RAW
14.5.12 22:10 
14.5.12 22:09 
It's probably killing this company that a certain five letter word starting with L isn't trending worldwide #RAW #deeznutz
14.5.12 22:07 
You know what's REALLY confusing? These two dudes have THE SAME FIRST NAME - HOW did that get by Vince?! #RAW
14.5.12 22:07 
"He said Pittsburgh!" #RAW
14.5.12 22:06 
Punchlines are wasted on this crowd - they start cheering before he can finish the sentence #RAW
14.5.12 22:05 
RT @thecubsfan: is this funny? If only the announcers could let me know to laugh.
14.5.12 22:04 
One word comes to mind... RT @AKATheMaskedMan: I have no words.
14.5.12 22:04 
I'm missing the #thunder and #lakers for this crap? #RAW
14.5.12 21:58 
Cole pronounces at signs but not hash marks - also, he believes slashes are backslashes #RAW @MichaelCole
14.5.12 21:56 
That's your department, chief #RAW (anybody else know?) RT @gregmparks: @CRZ Has Justin King been on TV since the Beat the Clock mishap?
14.5.12 21:52 
14.5.12 21:41 
Hey, wanna feel old? Ask your kid if he knows why Jericho calls himself "Y2J" (+ remind yourself "1999" was released thirty years ago) #RAW
14.5.12 21:40 
I see it's the "classic" LED coat for Jericho tonight #RAW
14.5.12 21:39 
Poor AJ - I'm not even sure she knows which roster she's on! #RAW
14.5.12 21:37 
@KevinMarshall #DustyFatBitterCat now trending worldwide
14.5.12 21:33 
Was it so long ago that a match - a MATCH - like Orton vs. Jericho would have been something you would have hyped for the entire show? #RAW
14.5.12 21:24 
14.5.12 21:22 @KevinMarshall HOLY CRAP IS @CRZ on Twitter? I used to LOVE reading that guy's shit
14.5.12 21:19 
That steam coming off Show's head is brought to you by BATTLESHIP #RAW
14.5.12 21:16 
I kinda wonder who will sponsor the future recap of this segment - Just for Men? Doritos Tacos Locos? Pep Boys? #RAW
14.5.12 21:13 
And the guy who did Jack Swagger's theme song smiled #RAW
14.5.12 21:13 
The camouflage couldn't mask his breaking heart #RAW
14.5.12 21:11 
Show's acting may be totally over the top and awful, but it's totally working on this live crowd #RAW
14.5.12 21:08 
Stop giving him ideas, Show! #RAW
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