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5.7.12 13:06 
Listened to Hackman - HackmanMixmagMOTW
5.7.12 01:11 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
4.7.12 23:37 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
4.7.12 23:25 
I'm watching The Late Show with David Letterman
4.7.12 21:08 I'm watching Futurama
4.7.12 20:53 I'm watching Futurama
4.7.12 20:08 I'm watching Futurama
4.7.12 19:27 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
4.7.12 19:26 Mozzarella Cheez-Its
4.7.12 18:30 
Kim gave me my last haircut on July 4th 2009. Before that, she cut my hair on July 4th 2006. Thank God THAT streak is over!
4.7.12 17:31 I'm watching NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
4.7.12 15:00 
Markets Closed: Independence Day
4.7.12 13:05 
Damn! You always come through. Thanks E RT @thegyptianlover: @CRZ "The Lover"
4.7.12 12:53 
RT @mnwild: BREAKING: WE GOT 'EM! Zach Parise and Ryan Suter are coming to the #mnwild! More to come. After you exhale, RT to #WelcomeZachAndRyan
3.7.12 23:37 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
3.7.12 22:59 
I'm watching The Late Show with David Letterman
3.7.12 20:59 
#Zackdown #smackdown
3.7.12 20:57 
But - but we could have GM Kane in a suit next week! #smackdown
3.7.12 20:48 
Aww! I was really looking forward to Justin Gabriel running #Smackdown next week!
3.7.12 20:43 
DURING THE BREAK: Lilian Garcia said "and...fourteen other guys!" and out they trudged, heads down. Curt Hawkins looked skeptical #smackdown
3.7.12 20:40 FINALLY! A show which will DEFINITIVELY prove the existence of ghosts! Thanks @Syfy!
3.7.12 20:34 
I hope after Cena wins this battle royale, he brings back The Fist™ for One Night Only™ #smackdown
3.7.12 20:32 
RT @thecubsfan: @CRZ just rewound. Guy next to Alicia is definitely Percy, though he looks different. Johnny Curtis confused me.
3.7.12 20:27 
@thecubsfan @gregmparks I thought I knew what Percy Watson looked like...on the other hand, I didn't recognise Camacho w/o shades & bandana
3.7.12 20:24 
Is it bad that I can't figure out who the black dude in the background is? (Is it JTG?) #smackdown
3.7.12 20:21 
3.7.12 20:20 
What a relief - the terrorists are ALSO able to watch #smackdown live (although: screw you, I love Hacksaw Jim Duggan!)
3.7.12 20:14 
No, please, continue. RT @KevinEck_WWE: If a girl makes out with a guy and the
3.7.12 20:13 
But the REAL malfeasance comes from the WWE Board, who aren't gonna pull AJ as special guest referee no matter HOW nutso she gets #smackdown
3.7.12 20:12 
Very brave to book this live, but at least the only person whatted out of the building was Cole #smackdown
3.7.12 20:05 
"I'm Linda McMahon and I approve this segment." #smackdown
3.7.12 20:00 Cheez-It Double Cheese Snack Mix
3.7.12 20:00 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
3.7.12 19:59 
Dubstep music reinforces the crazy. Sure hope AJ is booked to make out with Cole live on #smackdown! I bet Vince would find that HILARIOUS
3.7.12 19:51 
Looking at the briefcase is the new pointing at the sign #smackdown
3.7.12 19:47 
Alex Riley stands ready for action. "Hey, remember me? I used to have music!" #smackdown Also:
3.7.12 19:44 Man, I thought the freecreditscoredotcom band was too good for Autotune
3.7.12 19:35 
For what it's worth, the last Monday where Nitro beat RAW was actually 10/26/1998 according to @wrestlescoop
3.7.12 19:29 
I sense some number-fudging... but the victors always write the history #smackdown
3.7.12 19:22 
Layla now has Tiffany's music. I miss Layla's old music (by which I mean Layla's music and not Michelle McCool's music) #smackdown
3.7.12 19:13 
Anybody remember which Egyptian Lover song mentioned the Convertible Corniche (because that is my choice)? #smackdown @thegyptianlover
3.7.12 19:10 
Racial pandering is the best pandering - viva #smackdown!
3.7.12 19:06 
Did we ever get any news on Sin Cara today? #smackdown #yesonemorenightoflivewrestlingtweets #sorrynonwrestlingfriends
3.7.12 19:01 I unlocked the WWE SmackDown: The Great American Bash sticker!
3.7.12 19:01 
I'm watching WWE SmackDown!
3.7.12 19:01 
I'm watching WWE SmackDown! (1689 others checked-in) @GetGlue @WWE
3.7.12 18:33 
$3.299/g - BP (Roseville, MN)
3.7.12 18:15 
You're a grand old shirt - it's CRZ 120:
3.7.12 18:01 
Can of Diet Dr Pepper
3.7.12 17:37 When I flick my scroll wheel over the stream, your avatar looks like it's shrugging. "I dunno...I dunno...I dunno..."
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