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14.1.13 19:54 I unlocked the WWE Royal Rumble Winners Series: Triple H sticker!
14.1.13 19:54 
I unlocked the WWE RAW 20th Anniversary Celebration sticker!
14.1.13 19:54 
I'm watching WWE Raw
14.1.13 17:33 
I was thinking I'd watch the Wolves/Mavericks game but because I'm a whore, RT if you want me to live tweet the 20th Anniversary RAW instead
14.1.13 15:10 
Listened to Bronski Beat - The Age of Consent / Hundreds and Thousands [Deluxe Edition]
14.1.13 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 19.91 ▼0.03 (Range: 19.79 - 20.04)
14.1.13 14:23 
Listened to Moonbootica - I'm On Vacation
14.1.13 12:58 
Listened to Naked Eyes - Burning Bridges [Deluxe Edition]
14.1.13 12:31 
Listened to Still Pacific - Cage Heart Hammer
14.1.13 12:21 
Ah coffee
14.1.13 12:14 
14.1.13 12:06 
@swampynomo Let me double check how the UC Riverside Highlanders are doing first...hmm, 4-12; 1-3 in Big West - Timberwolves are better
14.1.13 11:43 
@swampynomo If we had to go, at least we both went on the same day. (I guess.)
14.1.13 11:02 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
13.1.13 23:18 Mellow Moments
13.1.13 22:20 @aklingus Don't have to. Yes.
13.1.13 20:35 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
13.1.13 20:22 
Two games in a row with no double doubles for the #WolvesUnited - maybe tomorrow?
13.1.13 19:51 
Buncha junk - what nonsense. Get that outta here. Arrrrrrgh. (#spurs 88 - #WolvesUnited 75, 9:04 4th)
13.1.13 19:04 
Uh oh. Charles Barkley: "Ginobli?" (#WolvesUnited 52 - #spurs 50 :26.4 2nd)
13.1.13 19:03 
With only 4 or 5 healthy bodies on the bench the #WolvesUnited need quality minutes from everyone; try to give starters some rest #ontheroad
13.1.13 18:45 
Fans, don't forget to send Kevin Love and his broken hand to the NBA All-Star game! #WolvesUnited #NBABALLOT
13.1.13 18:43 I'm thinking about San Antonio Spurs
13.1.13 18:43 
I'm thinking about Minnesota Timberwolves
13.1.13 18:14 
Well I guess I can devote my full attention (such as it is) to the #WolvesUnited game (8 - #spurs 4, 8:43 1st)
13.1.13 16:26 RT @RealKKBundy: Sounds like someone listened to the #Bundyholics regarding my Hall of Fame. Huge announcement tomorrow night #FIVE
13.1.13 16:10 (Or a soundbite from @CoachBillick, for that matter)
13.1.13 16:09 If only we could get a soundbite from @KennyAlbert, @DarylJohnston or @TonySiragusa - something that could get retweeted thousands of times
13.1.13 15:51 @FrankCaliendo Totally disagree but I'll always respect any at-reply from a celebrity on Twitter - have a nice day and try to enjoy Simms
13.1.13 15:42 RT @LanceMcAlister: Maybe Billick was dizzy from waving his hand and shaking his head up in a tree house
13.1.13 15:40 You don't STILL think that, do you? RT @FrankCaliendo: Anyone else think that Brian Billick does a nice job as an analyst? #SeaVsATL
13.1.13 15:07 Funny...Matt Ryan didn't take the knee there
13.1.13 15:05 Remember, :31 and 2 timeouts wasn't enough for Peyton Manning to get a field goal
13.1.13 15:02 He crossed the plane - also, if he didn't cross the plane, the Seahawks recovered it. Why aren't Kenny, Moose and Goose calling this game?
13.1.13 14:59 Is that Billick talking field goals here? That's the dumbest of all the dumb commentary I've heard in this game
13.1.13 13:41 
I unlocked the Divisional Playoff Game: Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons sticker!
13.1.13 13:30 Added 54 photos to album "Photos from My Phone"
13.1.13 02:41 
If "Red Dawn" is airing on any channel, Kim will find it. (It's on Encore at the moment.)
12.1.13 22:44 I don't think ANYBODY is eagerly anticipating "The Croods"
12.1.13 21:54 
Man, I dislike that foghorn
12.1.13 19:52 I believe a lot of us said that last week for the WCs RT @Dave_Schwartz: "The NFL Playoffs are so boring." -- Said no one ever.
12.1.13 19:30 
Aw man, how about a SPOILER ALERT, CBS? #gopackgo
12.1.13 19:26 Dierdorf is so sure it's a catch that now I'm NOT sure it's a catch
12.1.13 19:16 What I've (re-)learned tonight is that Dierdorf is never right on replay calls
12.1.13 19:04 Um, the field goal wins it in regulation, not in overtime
12.1.13 19:00 Now look what you've done.
12.1.13 18:23 What are the chances this game is still going on when the next game is slated to start?
12.1.13 18:21 @Tweet_Monster_ "The Carol Burnett Show" was really funny
12.1.13 18:01 
I confess: I pre-ordered this limited edition André Cymone "AC" 2CD reissue with bonus tracks (cc: @drinkingwithian)
12.1.13 17:35 An inspiring hold by Ray Lewis!
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