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21.1.13 23:55 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
21.1.13 23:21 
I'm watching The Late Show with David Letterman
21.1.13 22:04 
Cena's promo tonight was evocative of "Having Fun with Elvis on Stage" #RAW
21.1.13 20:21 
Aveda Institute Minneapolis (Minneapolis, MN)
21.1.13 19:43 
Those cops guarding the Rock should pick up Maddox - alas, they are not the CONTINUITY police #RAW
21.1.13 19:36 
Who's picking up those cameras The Shield leaves behind and post-producing them into those special video looks? #RAW #conspiracies
21.1.13 19:22 
With Twitter down, what on earth will our erstwhile commentary team talk about instead of this match? #RAW
21.1.13 19:17 
21.1.13 19:15 
Is the backstage cameraman drunk? So wobbly, this picture - zoom in, zoom out - I'm getting seasick #RAW
21.1.13 19:10 
I'm watching WWE Raw
21.1.13 19:10 I unlocked the WWE Royal Rumble Winners Series: John Cena sticker!
21.1.13 19:08 
Always exciting when they open this week's show by replaying the "main even" of LAST week's show, isn't it? #RAW
21.1.13 19:03 
Once again, no pyro to open #RAW - pyro is *expensive*.
21.1.13 17:22 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
21.1.13 17:18 
$3.179/g - BP (Roseville, MN)
21.1.13 17:05 
RT @KJ_MayorJohnson: I keep getting asked do we still have a shot? You better believe it! #playingtowin #SacKings
21.1.13 16:59 
Listened to High Contrast - Lovesick
21.1.13 16:53 
Listened to High Contrast - Seven Notes In Black
21.1.13 16:46 
Listened to High Contrast - Return of Forever
21.1.13 16:40 
Listened to Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (High Contrast Remix)
21.1.13 16:33 
Listened to High Contrast - Racing Green
21.1.13 16:27 
Listened to High Contrast - Basement Track (High Contrasts Upstairs Downstairs Remix)
21.1.13 16:21 
Listened to High Contrast - If We Ever
21.1.13 15:17 
Listened to Telex - Neurovision
21.1.13 15:00 
Markets Closed: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
21.1.13 14:25 
RT @jerridsebesta: Think I can get away with airing this graphic tonight? It IS accurate. #fb
21.1.13 14:23 
HALFTIME: #WolvesUnited 58 - #hawks 44 (and I'm at work) @ Symantec
21.1.13 13:51 Hot & Spicy Beef
21.1.13 12:53 
#WOLVESUNITED DOUBLE DOUBLE WATCH: @kevinlove 14; Pekovic 13; Kirilenko 7; @DlamarC33 3; Ridnour, Shved 2; @RealDwill7, @jjbareapr 1
21.1.13 11:17 
RT @proceed2: CMLL空中戦3
21.1.13 10:25 
21.1.13 09:52 
21.1.13 08:59 
Silver lining: When coming to work on MLK Day when it's ten below (-30/-40 wind chill)...absolutely no chance of encountering a speed trap
21.1.13 08:54 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
21.1.13 08:36 That special time of year when you pray that the garage door isn't frozen/stuck to the ground
21.1.13 07:58 
-13.1...Goooood morning
20.1.13 21:32 
This was a real search engine referral to @The_W just now: "are superbowl 2103 coaches brothers?​" Hope we gave them their answer!
20.1.13 20:19 Dear Facebook friend: I read your chain mail, but I didn't respond to it, and I'm not pasting it here for other people to fret about whether THEY should break the chain or not. But I did read it, I still love you, and I'm totally real. (Except we both know I'm not real.)
20.1.13 19:55 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
20.1.13 18:08 
I'm watching AFC Championship Game
20.1.13 16:49 Does Harbaugh ever think "hmm, they may make a GIF of this - eh, what the hell" before he throws those tantrums?
20.1.13 16:14 
"Put that cigarette out!"
20.1.13 14:41 
I unlocked the NFC Conference Championship: 49ers vs. Falcons sticker!
20.1.13 05:35 Extraordinary.
20.1.13 05:05 
♥ these dudes RT @TimberTrolls: Hay cosas que el dinero no puede comprar y lo que vivimos anoche es una de esas cosas. Simplemente Gracias.
20.1.13 00:52 
I'm watching The McLaughlin Group
20.1.13 00:30 
I'm watching The McLaughlin Group
19.1.13 23:17 
Dudes, the Arby's on University Ave SE is GONE. When did this happen?! (Well, the building is still there (for now), but all the super cool vintage signage is outta here.) Turns out it's getting knocked down (along with the plasma center) for an 6/11/6, I think. I guess I should pay attention to this stuff.
19.1.13 22:29 
I unlocked the Saturday Night Live: Jennifer Lawrence and The Lumineers sticker!
19.1.13 22:26 @Dave_Schwartz Sorry DS, just came back from Target Center and Mickaël is def pronounced more like "Mikhail" - but you nailed #gelaballin
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