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4.2.13 23:50 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
4.2.13 22:54 
I'm watching The Late Show with David Letterman
4.2.13 22:46 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
4.2.13 22:32 
Hey so I didn't even tell you the strangest part! The jar of preserves was $2.99. I paid with a $20. The cashier - again, this was around 02:25 so clearly at his best and brightest - grabbed $17 out of the till and closed the cash register, looked at the change, rechecked the receipt he'd just printed, then fumbled around the register because the only way the drawer would reopen was if he rang up another purchase or accessed a set of keys which were no doubt somewhere around wrist of someone close to the meat department. Before I could finish offering "you know, I really don't need that penny," he'd found one and thrust the change in my hand. I turned to leave and got a good ten paces before realising he'd handed me a Canadian penny. "Ah, he got me good," I thought, until this morning when I learned that Canada was discontinuing the penny and I now had a collector's item. Take THAT, Cub Foods!
4.2.13 21:55 
Listened to Depeche Mode - World in My Eyes (Cicada remix)
4.2.13 21:49 
Listened to Depeche Mode - Dream On (Kid 606 mix)
4.2.13 21:44 
Listened to Plainsong - True Story of Amelia Earhart
4.2.13 21:23 
#WolvesUnited ... come up short (#blazers 100-98) @ Target Center
4.2.13 21:20 we go. (#blazers 100 - #WolvesUnited 98, :05.9 4th, #twolves ball)
4.2.13 21:15 
Pek 13 & 11, @rickyrubio9 15 & 13A - #WolvesUnited have never led tonight (#blazers 97-96, :36.9 4th)
4.2.13 21:12 
Sorry, I've missed two #WolvesUnited double doubles tonight (so far) (#blazers 97-92, 1:03 4th)
4.2.13 21:09 
HE'S ON FIRE!!!!!! @DlamarC33 #WolvesUnited
4.2.13 20:49 @BloodStrib So...positively atrocious? (Guy in front of me now saying I'm sighing too loudly)
4.2.13 20:04 
HALFTIME: #blazers 49 - #WolvesUnited 38 @ Target Center
4.2.13 18:38 
LET'S GO #WOLVESUNITED! (@ Target Center for Portland Trail Blazers vs Minnesota Timberwolves w/ 21 others)
4.2.13 18:38 
LET'S GO #WOLVESUNITED! - Portland Trail Blazers vs Minnesota Timberwolves - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
4.2.13 18:26 
Listened to Deckwrecka - Sycosis/Double Zero Zero
4.2.13 18:24 
Listened to Zapp - More Bounce To The Ounce (LP Version)
4.2.13 18:14 
Listened to Ice-T - Outro
4.2.13 18:14 
Listened to The Shadows - Let Me Be The One
4.2.13 15:47 
Listened to ZOOBOMBS - Love is Funky
4.2.13 15:13 
Listened to Ovis - Schadenfreude
4.2.13 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 21.65 ▼0.47 (Range: 21.63 - 22.07)
4.2.13 14:32 
Forgot again - Symantec (Roseville, MN)
4.2.13 14:29 
Listened to K-X-P - s/t
4.2.13 12:58 
Listened to Mak & Pasteman - Do the Same
4.2.13 11:52 
YOGURT OF THE DAY: VANILLA #yogurtoftheday
4.2.13 11:32 RT @hotdiggitydoll: Dollie has arrived, or least my website. please check it out & much love to @ddyw, @thankUelfano @TheDivaReview ...
4.2.13 10:53 
Listened to M-D-Emm - Get Angelic
4.2.13 10:47 
Listened to UNKLE - Time Has Come (Portishead Plays UNKLE mix)
4.2.13 10:43 
Listened to The Orichalc Phase - Comatone
4.2.13 02:09 
Dateline: 26TH AVE S, BETWEEN 28TH ST AND 29TH ST E - It's a crap shoot visiting Cub Foods after the bars close, as you can find yourself behind a dozen or more toasted folks determined to tie up the one cashier - and it's never more than one cashier on duty at this Cub at this hour... hell, sometimes it's zero - for well longer than your desire to make sure you have the requisite number of jars of apricot preserves for the next day's crock pot of li'l smokies in apricot preserves and neon mustard for Joel's Super Bowl party. But my timing was fortunate as there was only one lady ahead of me - like me, she also had a single item to purchase, and I felt less weird about checking out at 02:20 am with one jar of apricot preserves because, in my mind at least, her jar of taco sauce was an infinitely stranger and definitely more out of place acquisition.
4.2.13 00:22 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
3.2.13 22:39 
Listened to Eric Prydz - Essential Mix 2013-02-02
3.2.13 21:53 @BigD_TVF I lol'd
3.2.13 21:47 Finally caught up on Twitter!
3.2.13 19:10 
I unlocked the Super Bowl XLVII Pepsi Halftime Show sticker!
3.2.13 17:32 
I unlocked the Super Bowl XLVII sticker!
3.2.13 16:28 Seriously, I almost caught myself saying "I remember when the Puppy Bowl was about PUPPIES, MAN" out loud with zero irony intended
3.2.13 16:27 I don't want to be a "Puppy Bowl is too commercialized now" guy, but...I could really do without all these "reality TV star" reaction shots
3.2.13 15:54 I'm watching Puppy Bowl
3.2.13 02:27 
Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
3.2.13 01:57 
White Castle (Minneapolis, MN)
2.2.13 22:24 
I just unlocked the "Groundhog Day 2013" badge on @foursquare!
2.2.13 22:24 
Happy Ground Hog Day, Jackson! - Kinsen Noodles and Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
2.2.13 21:37 
WOLVES WIN!!! (#WolvesUnited 115 - #hornets 86) @DlamarC33 @ Target Center
2.2.13 21:33 RT @zota: Watch your back, Los Angeles.
2.2.13 20:46 
#hornets quarter scores: 14, 17, 24. #WolvesUnited may not need to score this quarter (81-55, Start 4th)
2.2.13 20:13 
Halftime entertainment at the Target Center #WolvesUnited
2.2.13 20:11 
There are SO MANY little girls on the court dancing to with Chris Brown vocals... hmmm... #WolvesUnited
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