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11.4.13 00:56 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
11.4.13 00:35 
"Spikee" by Underworld is my new jam
10.4.13 23:18 
10.4.13 19:10 
Can of Diet Dr Pepper for the road
10.4.13 18:43 
Listened to Breakage f/ Jess Mills - Fighting Fire (Radio Edit)
10.4.13 18:35 
Listened to Michael Cassette - Memories (90's Piano Mix)
10.4.13 17:28 The MN delegation does not disappoint with some really God-awful sounding hotdish recipes:
10.4.13 16:57 
Listened to The Orb - C Batter C
10.4.13 15:34 
Listened to Banco de Gaia - Apollo
10.4.13 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 24.45 ▲0.24 (Range: 24.20 - 24.55)
10.4.13 14:33 
Hello, coffee
10.4.13 13:55 
10.4.13 10:35 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
10.4.13 10:24 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
10.4.13 00:00 
Arrrgh, Comcast shut off @FSNorth Plus at 11:59 - had to find the SD channel to see the end of "Wolves Live" @MNTimberwolves
9.4.13 21:30 I'm thinking about Golden State Warriors
9.4.13 21:30 
I'm thinking about Minnesota Timberwolves
9.4.13 21:06 
@MNTimberwolves @wccoradio CDT. CDT. CDT.
9.4.13 19:20 @Omaholic Ditto on all counts :( Well, we're still here! :)
9.4.13 19:10 Searched for my old college roommate online, learned that he killed himself five years ago - thanks, Internet! (Cc: very alive @Omaholic)
9.4.13 19:05 
I unlocked the Splash: Flips sticker!
9.4.13 17:40 
Just recycled three enormous bags of uncrushed aluminum cans - which barely fit in the New Beetle - and scored TWELVE BUCKS!!!!! I feel very Californian today. (I still have many bags of crushed cans in the garage, though - saving THEM for retirement. (Please don't break into our garage.))
9.4.13 17:38 
Just recycled three giant garbage bags of uncrushed aluminum cans (which barely fit in my car) TWELVE BUCKS! I feel very Californian today.
9.4.13 17:30 I'm watching NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
9.4.13 17:07 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
9.4.13 16:49 
Metro metals (Minneapolis, MN)
9.4.13 15:56 Perhaps my status as curmudgeon has been cemented by me being the only person on the planet to think singing Fandango theme is stupidly lame
9.4.13 15:51 
But...chairs legal in "No Holds Barred" matches! RT @OnionSports: WrestleMania 29 Marred By Inconsistent Officiating
9.4.13 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 24.21 ▼0.04 (Range: 23.98 - 24.34)
9.4.13 00:21 I'm watching The Late Show with David Letterman
8.4.13 23:33 
FOX BABY (ironically, airing on KARE and not on KMSP) (link to YouTube video: "Urban Fox and her cub- Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis")
8.4.13 22:09 @torreymspears I don't my advanced age, I'm not sure I completey get that kind of "fun"
8.4.13 22:06 
Yup yup yup #RAW
8.4.13 22:04 @thecubsfan You're good at this!
8.4.13 22:03 
Ah, the perfect bullshit ending is the cherry on top of tonight! #RAW
8.4.13 21:59 @MosesNYC Alas, he'll probably never have a blinking horse
8.4.13 21:52 
"Kurt Warner was here earlier tonight, and he got the hell out of Dodge as soon as the stupid chants started" #RAW
8.4.13 21:19 
Is this compelling television? I can't tell. #RAW
8.4.13 21:07 
Only another hour of #RAW to go!
8.4.13 21:02 
Is the crowd chanting for El Generico? #RAW
8.4.13 20:47 
Aw geez... MT @JerryZgoda: Breaking: Love will undergo arthro knee surgery while in NYC, won't play again this season
8.4.13 20:42 
Maybe @ZackRyder will wear those trunks all the way to the NEXT #WrestleMania #RAW
8.4.13 20:37 
Is there some way BOTH teams can lose this one? #RAW
8.4.13 20:24 
By the way, "Alberto del Rio borrowed my car" is a real T-shirt at @WWEShop:,default,pd.html?dwvar_W04870_color=Black&start=5&q=del%20rio
8.4.13 20:22 
WWE Shop just applied steep discounts to "Born in Mexico, Made in America" T-shirts #RAW (j/k they're still $24.99)
8.4.13 20:19 
At least the crowd didn't chant "USA" #RAW
8.4.13 20:15 
Ah, there he is. #RAW
8.4.13 20:14 
So where's Ziggler, already? #RAW
8.4.13 20:11 
Look, I love the broad stuff as much as anybody, but Zeb physically twirling his mustache is a little on the nose, isn't it? #RAW
8.4.13 20:06 
Swagger's singlet is like an inverse Big Show singlet #RAW
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