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19.6.13 13:40 
Listened to Ryan Hemsworth - Ryan Hemsworth Mix Of The Week [19/06/13]
19.6.13 12:22 Park Dental - Roseville (Saint Paul, MN)
19.6.13 11:32 
Who better than John McAfee to help guide you through an uninstall of McAfee antivirus?
19.6.13 10:35 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
19.6.13 10:25 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
19.6.13 00:45 RT @davegatchell: @CRZ We are trying to figure out the best way to get @1000sofcats CDs to the US so people don’t have to pay crazy shipping charges.
18.6.13 22:46 Oh no, don't use the "O" word! RT @gregstiemsma: What a game! Wouldn't mind this going to overtime.
18.6.13 22:40 #MVParker
18.6.13 21:38 .@davegatchell I want to buy a @1000sofcats CD!
18.6.13 17:07 
Listened to Big Bud - Hypnosis
18.6.13 16:58 
Listened to Big Bud - Bluegrass
18.6.13 16:33 
RT @ChiefHarteau: @CRZ I am just resending the link for the cute warhorse story downtown. real horses meet statue horse:)
18.6.13 15:58 
Listened to Big Audio Dynamite II - Kool-Aid
18.6.13 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 22.73 ▲0.40 (Range: 22.32 - 22.81)
18.6.13 14:43 
Taco Bell (Roseville, MN)
18.6.13 12:24 
MY OPINION: #RAW was better last night for not having to find a segment for Fandango
18.6.13 12:23 
@ATolliver44 Do you still hang out with any ex-teammates from the Wolves?
18.6.13 12:22 
What's YOUR police chief tweet about? MT @ChiefHarteau: in case u missed it! gotta luv those horses
18.6.13 11:49 
Listened to Elektric Music - Esperanto
18.6.13 11:44 
18.6.13 10:25 
18.6.13 09:26 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
17.6.13 22:46 
What I have (re)learned over last 48 hrs is I'll actually put up with quite a bit of McMahonery for an "overall great" rest of the @WWE show
17.6.13 22:43 
RT @realkevinkelly: Wrestling works best when it's simple. Last scene on Raw was brilliantly simple and tremendously effective. Big money made tonight
17.6.13 22:06 
(Brock Lesnar was brought to you by Jimmy John's, CASE IH Farming Equipment and Rocky Mountain Dealerships) GOOD NIGHT #RAW
17.6.13 22:04 
Wow! All this show is missing is Eddie Guerrero returning from the dead #RAW
17.6.13 21:41 
CLEAR #nitro
17.6.13 21:35 
I feel like the champion should be allowed to determine ring lighting for the match #RAW
17.6.13 21:33 
I have been taking shots every time @mikethemiz says "Listen" and now I'm feeing zkndaaaa xxxxx #RXX
17.6.13 21:23 
Are Heath's boobs usually this big? I...can't stop staring #RAW
17.6.13 21:18 
Amen. (Simple USUALLY works.) RT @robvertrees: that's what he does. Saw it coming, but still effective. Simple sometimes works.
17.6.13 21:12 
17.6.13 21:10 
Crowd buying into this - not saying WHAT #RAW
17.6.13 20:54 
Speaking of turns, whatever happened to
@wwejoshmathews' heel turn? #RAW
17.6.13 20:44 
Why would Vickie need to explain what just happened to Triple H? Doesn't he WATCH this show? Oh, wait... #RAW
17.6.13 20:38 
Darren's crying because of that suit Mark's wearing! #saideverybody #RAW
17.6.13 20:28 
Stephanie: "AND I'm TALLER than all of you!" #RAW #bringingfemaleviewersback
17.6.13 20:23 
Why's @WWEAJLee keep saying "woman" instead of "Diva™?" #RAW
17.6.13 20:19 
Not even a Thickburger pic (HOLY CRAP IT'S A LOUD APP) MT @DublDownDrew: I don't have the app but do they have ads on it other than WWE ads?
17.6.13 20:15 
By the way, I don't have to tell you...concussions are so hot right now #RAW
17.6.13 20:12 
2. How much more money is @WWE making by having 50,000 App votes as opposed to 0 votes? #RAW
17.6.13 20:11 
Two things about @WWE gettin' happy about 50,000 App votes: 1. How many MILLIONS of viewers are watching this show? #RAW
17.6.13 19:46 
These #payback Instagrams are AWFUL #RAW
17.6.13 19:41 
So that's, what, three or four turns in the past 24 hours? Is @WWE reshuffing the deck - or just shuffling the deck chairs? #RAW
17.6.13 18:52 
Listened to Armand van Helden - My My My
17.6.13 18:49 
Listened to Onetwo - Sister
17.6.13 18:43 
Listened to Depeche Mode - Surrender
17.6.13 18:31 
WORLDS COLLIDE RT @drpepper: She slams Peppers like opponents. Step into the ring with #OneofaKindChamp @MickieJames.
17.6.13 17:20 
Help me out, Twitter: did ANBODY in the "IWC" speculate last week on the double turn we apparently got last night?
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