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2.7.13 11:30 
Listened to Various Artists/Dmitri from Paris - A Night at the Playboy Mansion
2.7.13 11:09 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
2.7.13 10:55 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
1.7.13 23:55 
Shortly after free agency begins, the lesser known "tweet plagiarism season" ALSO picks up
1.7.13 22:11 
DID YOU KNOW: Smarks have been complaining about "Mark Henry's 10 year contract" for almost 17 years #RAW
1.7.13 21:58 
Am told @DavidOtunga is at home watching the Zimmerman (no relation) trial, drinking coffee and eating whey bon bons #RAW
1.7.13 21:56 
1.7.13 21:56 
Disappointed I didn't get the chance to completely pass on a chance to vote on something using THE APP tonight #RAW
1.7.13 21:43 
But did the people in the arena get to see that Diva™ summit? WE DON'T KNOW! They never took a shot of the crowd watching the same clip #RAW
1.7.13 21:41 
This backstage segment NEEDED three cameras!!! #RAW
1.7.13 21:21 
That must be Steph's "business" dress #RAW
1.7.13 20:58 
@sideswipe70 Sadly, yes. I think all of Rey's reigns were even shorter and would also qualify
1.7.13 20:57 
@TheCount1017 aka his ONLY reign - yes.
1.7.13 20:56 
Quick break from sarcasm to note that at least @WWE is trying to make this match seem like a big deal and not some throwaway #RAW main event
1.7.13 20:53 
Is Mark Henry supposed to be shooting? He's not very good at it! #RAW
1.7.13 20:47 
More @WWE / World Champion clips I'd like to see: Undertaker/Kane, Eddie Guerrero/Chris Benoit, RVD/JJ, Kurt Angle/Kurt Angle #RAW
1.7.13 20:46 
Y'know...Cena/del Rio IS JUST LIKE Hogan/Flair. We're so lucky tonight! #RAW
1.7.13 20:44 
Ah, @WWE - finding new, exciting ways to "push" their "monsters" every day #RAW
1.7.13 20:32 
Obviously we can't do @WWE vs. World Champs without Tommy Rich, but who's the WWF equivalent? Yokozuna? Andre's 45 sec reign? #RAW
1.7.13 20:27 
Oh good lord, @WWE, don't put the tweet on the screen by the fan using "your" when he means "you're" #RAW #stereotypes
1.7.13 20:20 
I'm loving these special looks back at historical @WWE vs. World Champions and look forward to the Mr. McMahon/Vince Russo clip #RAW
1.7.13 20:10 
Is it so great that Randy Orton is trending worldwide? I mean, "N-word" is trending worldwide #RAW
1.7.13 20:05 
How come when one of the commentators says "Buddy Rogers," one of the others doesn't immediately go "HAW HAW HAW NICE 1960s REFERENCE" #RAW
1.7.13 19:56 
Only one "sexual chocolate" tights in that entire Mark Henry retrospecticus? BOO #RAW
1.7.13 19:46 
Ah yes... only 45 minutes in and the commentary team is shitting on the crowd #RAW
1.7.13 19:16 
GOSH I hope they book a big six man tag featuring all these dudes! #RAW
1.7.13 19:12 
I would give so much money to have, say, @Jtg1284 interrupt all these dudes right now #RAW
1.7.13 19:01 
Just hearing that they've booked a WWE Champ vs. World Champ match on #RAW is enough to prompt an "Uh oh," but you know me...I'm an optimist
1.7.13 15:55 
Listened to Daniel Avery - Daniel Avery Rinse FM w/ Richard Fearless - 24th June 2013
1.7.13 15:32 
Listened to Magnetic Man - I Need Air
1.7.13 15:14 
Listened to Magnetic Man feat. Katy B - Perfect Stranger
1.7.13 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 22.48 UNCH (Range: 22.46 - 22.74)
1.7.13 14:53 
24 oz bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
1.7.13 14:11 
Listened to Magnetic Man - s/t
1.7.13 14:00 Jalapeno Cheddar
1.7.13 13:19 
Listened to Justice - Audio, Video, Disco
1.7.13 12:57 @Geekosystem Moderate my comment, please! (Then update your story)
1.7.13 12:29 
Listened to Cedric Gervais - MIAMICATION April 2013
1.7.13 11:26 
Listened to BT - Laptop Symphony 2011-12-02
1.7.13 10:20 
Back to the regular
1.7.13 09:29 
Listened to Opik - s/t
1.7.13 09:20 
Listened to Opik - Travelling Without Moving
1.7.13 09:13 
Listened to Opik - Orson (The Grid Remix)
1.7.13 07:51 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
30.6.13 23:28 @WojYahooNBA EDT
30.6.13 23:11 
RT @adultswim: 100th retweet gets this original VB artwork. #sweetwhipvb
30.6.13 21:08 @Lord_Gow @TheKFV I do like A&W, although I haven't had it since it was marketed as "Sparkling Vanilla"
30.6.13 18:46 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
30.6.13 11:31 @ChakaKhan I enjoyed every one of the 100 photos!
29.6.13 21:07 Whole Grain Cheez-Its
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